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The 1942, Type 68B minicar prototype
Photo: Jacob Munkhammar, Reference


This little minicar that Ettore designed while in Paris during WW2, had a wonderful little supercharged 318cc four cylinder, four valved per cylinder engine that is a marvel for anyone mechanically inclined.
I have held a 16 valve Type 68 cylinder head - in brass! - in my hand, and it is the most fascinating little piece of engineering. (Type 68 and Type 73 are the only Bugattis - in Ettore's time - to feature detachable cylinder head.)

Only one Type 68 prototype car was built, but Ettore also made sketches for a Type 68 with a "Atlantic" inspired coupe body. Now that would be a FIAT Topolino-killer!!!

A small number of engines was built and several have survived.
To hide Bugatti's micro car plans, the engine and transmission was tested in a specially built motorcycle!


This picture not only shows the 16-valve engine top of Type 68 (right), but also illustrates the size span of Bugatti's creations. Left is a carburettor from the 16-cylinder Type 45.
Photo: Jacob Munkhammar, Reference

Model: Type 68Type 68B
Year designed: 1940 1945
Engine type: 4 cyl. in-line, 2 over-head cams
4 valves/cyl. 2 valves/cyl.
Engine size: 318cc (45x50) 369.5cc (48.5x50)
Supercharger: front mounted side mounted
Ignition: 4 contact breakers, 4 coils (no distributor)
Drive: shaft
Note: detachable cylinder head


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