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1939, Type 64 prototype
Photo: Bolko Rawicz, Source (W1)


World War II put a halt to any plans to build these automobiles.
The body was styled by Jean Bugatti, and the prototype originally had "gull-wing" doors, but was later rebuilt to normal doors. Only the one prototype and a chassis where built.


Years made: 1939
Engine type: 8 cyl. in-line, 2 valves/cyl., 2 over-head cams
Engine size: 4432cc (84x100)
Carburetors: 1
Supercharger: -
Clutch: dry
Forward gears: 4
Drive: shaft
Front suspension: solid axle, 1/2-elliptical springs
Rear suspension: solid axle, reverse 1/4-elliptical springs
Brakes: cable operated drums
Wheelbase [m]: 3.3
Track [m]: 1.35
Top speed [km/h]: 195


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