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The Bugatti marque was resurrected by Italian Lotus and Alfa Romeo dealer Romano Artioli in 1987, but this venture went bancrupt in 1995 after having produced about a hundred EB110 super sports cars.

In 1998, the Volkswagen Audi Gruppe bought the name, and seem to be quite intent to continue the attempt. At least now, Bugatti definitely has more cash in its foundation.

Let's see, then, if anyone wants it.....


The Romani Artioli period (1987-1995):

ID 90 (1990) Design study by Ital Design
EB 110GT,110SS (1991-95) World's fastest road car at it's time
EB 112 (1993) Luxurious sedan prototype by ItalDesign

By Volkswagen (1998-):

EB 118 (1998) Prototype, coupé based in EB112, with W18 engine!
EB 218 (1999) Prototype, four door version of EB 118
18/3 Chiron (1999) Prototype, supercar designed by Ital Design
18/4 Veyron (1999) Prototype, supercar designed by Volkswagen

Independent studies:

In the replica section, I also have a section on "modern interpretations", which may be of interest.

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