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Bugatti didn't only manufacture automobiles.
This page focuses on actually manufactured, or prototyped, constructions, and leaves "napkin-designs" out.

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  100P & 110 (1939) Twin Type 50B powered experimental aeroplane
  Ocean going boat (1927) with nine Royale engines
  Torpedo boat (1940) with eight Type 50B engines, never completed
  "You-You" (1946) small one cylinder wooden boat (Type 75?)
  Aeroplane engines (WW1, 1923, 1939) WW1 machines, plus Types 34 and 60
  Type 42 Large marine engine
  Type 58 Diesel engine
  Autorail (1933-46) Railcar with two or four Royale engines
  Steam locomotive (1930's, 2nd half) Only built in model
  Type 72 Moped

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