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On this page you find post-production alterations of Bugattis by external shops and indviduals, primarily post war bodies. Here are also some unexecuted designs for post-war Bugattis done by designers outside Bugatti.

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Read this report on the current trend of discarding important vintage automobile bodywork!


Before WW2:
After WW2:
Other selected alterations

Before WW2:

* Louis Dubois, design André Rolland: Type 51 "Atlantic" Coupé (1937)
* Million-Guiet: Type 50 Cabriolet (1936) built for P. Michelin.

After WW2:

* Bugatti?: Type 57/101 roadster (195?) Stelvio with odd new front
* Figoni & Falaschi: Type 43 Cabriolet (1940s ?)
* Ghia: Type 57S Coach (1953)
* Ghia: Type 57S Roadster (1953) built on the "Surbaisse" Paris show car
* Saoutchik: Type 50 Coupé (1952)
- Saoutchik: Type 57 (post-WWII)
* Saoutchik-Krieg: Type 57 Cabriolet (post-WWII)
- Ronnie Symondson: Type 57S Coupé (1960s) Odd '60s and '30s styles crossbreed
* Unknown: Type 55 "Tank" (1945) One of my favourites...
* Unknown: Type 57 roadster (195?) Looking like a Jaguar XK150
* Unknown: Type 57/101 Coupé (1957-63) Very up-to-date, boxy thing

Other selected alterations:

* Charles Chayne's Buick V8 powered Type 57S Gangloff drophead (early1960s)
* "Scrambling Eggs" (1934) Ford Model B powered Type 37

The accuracy of the above information is not guaranteed. However, the information is compiled with the sincerest intentions of accuracy. Corrections, comments and additions are gladly received!
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