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La Royale

1931, "Coupé Napoleon", by Jean Bugatti, at the six Royales gathering at Pebble Beach in 1985
Photo: David Sisson, Reference


The Type 41, "La Royale", was a grand project, only to be sold to persons with royal blood.
The number of Royales build has been a disputed matter. Number from 6 to 8 have been suggested.
If we sum up the production and restoration of the Royales, it looks like we have 6 chassis produced, wearing 11 bodies. Of these 6, 7 are in existence - one of them a rebuild.
The first chassis may in reality have been 2 different chassis, though, making a total of 7 produced.

Only 3 of the 6 or 7 chassis built from 1926 to 1933 were actually sold. None to a royal. The plan was to build 25, but the financial breakdown in 1929 made this fairytale impossible.
All 25 engines were built though, and some were used in Bugatti's Autorail.

The 6 Royale chassis are, in chronological order, after their first body:
Chassis 41 100: (bodies #1-4,6) This chassis went through a lot, after first being built in 1926 or 27, and is today known as the 1931, Coupé De Ville "Napoleon", designed by Jean Bugatti - it's 5th body. This chassis number may have been assigned to two chassises though.
Chassis 41 150: (body #5) 1929, Berline de Voyage, by Bugatti
Chassis 41 111: (bodies #7,11) 1932, Roadster, by Jean Bugatti. This chassis was later rebodied with a Coupé de Ville by Binder, which is its current body.
Chassis 41 121: (body #8) 1932, Cabriolet, by Ludwig Weinberger
Chassis 41 141: (body #9) 1932, Coupé, by Kellner
Chassis 41 131: (body #10) 1933, Limousine, by Park, Ward & Co.


Years made: 1927-33
Engine type: 8 cyl. in-line, 3 valves/cyl., over-head cam
Engine size: 12736cc (125x130)
Supercharger: -
Carburettor: 1 Bugatti
Ignition: 2 sparkplugs/cyl.
Power [hp @ rpm]: 260 @ 1700
Torque [nm]: 200
Clutch: wet
Forward gears: 3
Drive: shaft
Front suspension: solid axle, 1/2-elliptical springs
Rear suspension: solid axle, ?reverse 1/4-elliptical springs?
Brakes: cable operated drums
Top speed [km/h]: over 160
Wheelbase [m]: 4.3
Track [m]: 1.6
Tyre size: 6.75x36
Curb weight [kg]: c.3200
Note 1: gear box in rear axle
Note 2: Fuel consumption (according to an owner in the 50's):
open road: 7 mpg (34 l/100km),
city traffic: 1.5 mpg (157 l/100km)!!!
conversions to l/100km assumes American gallons (=3.8l)


The accuracy of the above information is not guaranteed. However, the information is compiled with the sincerest intentions of accuracy. Corrections, comments and additions are gladly received!
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