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Chassis number 41 121

1931, Cabriolet, by Weinberger

The Weinberger cabriolet, in its current, slightly modified
state, at the six Royales gathering at Pebble beach in 1985.
Photo: David Sisson, Reference

This Royale was ordered in 1930 by Dr. Josef Fuchs of München (Munich). The second Royale chassis to be sold.
Surgeon Fuchs bought it as a chassis and comissioned coachbuilder Ludwig Weinberger, also of München, to build this imposing five-passanger cabriolet; chassis and body totalling - it is said - $43,000 when it was finished in 1931.
It was black with yellow trim.
Fuchs soon moved to Trieste - these where turbulent times in Germany - bringing the car with him, then to Shanghai, and so to New York (this was no later than 1937).

In the winter 1937-38 its engine block froze, and the car was put under cover in the backyard of Fuchs home on Long Island.

Charles Chayne (later to become Vice President in charge of Enginering of General Motors) had had his eyes on it for years when it landed in a wrecking yard in 1943 - where he bought it for $400 + $12 tax (This must be the best used car deal in history!), and in 1947 he had completed the restoration.
The restored car is white, and slightly modified.
In 1958 it was donated to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, where it is still on display.

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