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Type 35

One cannot enjoy the pure beauty of a Type 35 racer enough, can one?
Photo: Unknown, Source (FTP1)

Type 35A

Type 35A was a simpler version of the GP racer, intended mainly for road use. It had the simpler Type 38 engine, wire wheels, fenders, and lights - and was much cheaper than the racer.
It was called "Course Imitation" (mock racer) or "Tecla" (a type of cultured pearl).

To the right is a "Tecla" at Pebble Beach.
Photo: David Sisson, Reference

Type 35B and C

Types 35B and 35C were the supercharged versions of Type 35. These can be identified by the small round hole on the right side of the bonnet. This hole if for the release valve of the blower.

The picture on the right shows a blown Type 35 at a classic racing event in California.
Photo: David Sisson, Reference

And here is a Type 35C displayed at the Schlumpf Collection (National Automobile Museum) in France
Photo: Lars Munkhammar, Reference

Type 35T

The T of Type 35T stands for "Targa Florio", which is the race for which this version was prepared. It has a smaller capasity engine than the other Type 35s, and is easiest identified by having two spare wheels, one on each side of the car.
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