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Only two, rather different, Type 36 where made.
The first one appeared in May 1925 at Montlhéry and had for some reason unsuspended rear axis.
The second one appeared almost exactly one year later at the Grand Prix d'Alsace (there where two of this kind entered in this race). The seciond one had rear suspension (or had it?) and a smaller engine with supercharger. This is the first supercharged Bugatti, preceding the Type 35C of 1927.

A third Bugatti wore the Type 36 designation, but this was in reality a Type 35 with the engine from the latter of the above.


Years made: 1925 1926
Engine type: 8 cyl. in-line
Engine size: 1493cc (60x66) 1092 (51.3x66)
Supercharger: - yes
Drive: shaft
Front suspension: solid axle, no springs
Rear suspension: solid axle
no spring ?spring?
Brakes: cable operated drums


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