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1957, Type 252 "Barquette"
Photo: Jacob Munkhammar, Reference


I have seen this car called both "Etorette" and "La Barquette". I am personally very glad that this never became a well known Bugatti.
The engine was 1/2 Type 251 engine producing 120hp, which would send this little car of rather quickly.


Years made: ?
Engine type: 4 cyl. in-line, 2 over head cams
Engine size: 1488cc (76x82)
Supercharger: -
Power [hp]: 120
Drive: shaft
Front suspension: solid axle, spiral springs
Rear suspension: de Dion


When looking at this road test chassis of the Type 252 you know Bugatti is dead.
Photo: Jacob Munkhammar, Reference

I also have a couple of pictures of never realised studies for bodies on this chassis.


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