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"Brescia" and "Brescia Modifié"

A wonderfully charming Type 23 with "flying" fenders. One of my favourites at the International Rally in Sweden, 1996.
Photo: Jacob Munkhammar, Reference


The "Brescia" was also manufactured under licence in Germany by Rabag, in Italy by Diatto, and in Britain by Crossley.


These engines (this is a in a Type 23) were before the invention of the charcteristic, square Bugatti engine. Still, it was a very advanced little thing.
Photo: Jacob Munkhammar Reference

Model: Type 13 Type 22 Type 23
Years made: 1919-26
Engine type: 4 cyl. in-line, 4 valves/cyl., over-head cam
Engine size: 1453cc (68x100) or 1496cc (69x100)
Supercharger: -
Clutch: wet
Forward gears: 4
Drive: shaft
Front suspension: solid axle,
1/2-elliptical springs
Rear suspension: solid axle
?single 1/2-elliptical springs? reversed 1/4-elliptical springs
Brakes: cable operated drums
Wheelbase [m]: 2.0 2.4 2.55
Track [m]: 1.15
Tyre size: 710x90


I have a small collection of other Brescia pictures here!


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