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1951, Type 101 cariolet, built by Gangloff
Photo: Jacob Munkhammar, Reference


This was the first Bugatti with real post-war body design, but it still had an old fasioned chassis based on Type 57 (some even have chassis number in the 57 series, rather than the 101 series), the only alteration beeing hydraulic brakes.
It also has the Type 57 engine.
It never became a success.


Model: Type 101Type 101C
Years made: 1951 1951
Engine type: 8 cyl. in-line, 2 valves/cyl., 2 over-head cams
Engine size: 3257cc (72x100)
Carburetor: double Weber
Ignition: Delco
Supercharger: - yes
Power [hp @ rpm]: 135 @ 5500 188 @ 5200 with 3psi
200+ with 4.5psi
Clutch: dry
Forward gears: 5 manual, or Cotal electro-mechanical
Drive: shaft
Front suspension: solid axle, 1/2-elliptical springs
Rear suspension: solid axle, reverse 1/4-elliptical springs
Brakes: hydraulic drums
Wheelbase [m]: 3.3
Track [m]: 1.35
Tyre size: 6.00x17
Weight [kg]: chassis only 1035, with body c.1440
Note: 8 circuit hydraulic brakes (one circuit for each shoe)


The seven Type 101 chassis that where built, where bodied by four different coach builders: Gangloff, Guillore, Antem, and Virgil Exner/Ghia. The cars where:
Chassis 57454: Gangloff coupé (on a converted 57 chassis), exhibited at the 1951 Paris Salon
Chassis 101500: Guillore 4-door saloon, 1952
Chassis 101501: Gangloff cabriolet, exhibited at the 1952 Paris Salon
Chassis 101502: Guillore 2-door coach
Chassis 101503: Gangloff cabriolet
Chassis 101504: Antem coupé, 1953
Chassis 101506: Virgil Exner/Ghia roadster, 1965

My information is not yet complete an consistent. I do not know location of 101502, and Schlumpf is said to have an unbodied chassis that I do not know chassis number of. This could be the same car, except for the lurking mystery of the missing chassis number 101505, which I do not know if ever existed. If you can sort this out, please mail me! Please, also refer to the Information Hunt, question "Q-024".

In addition to the seven "genuine" Type 101 some Type 57s were converted to Type 101 specifications at the factory in Molsheim: #57299, #57314. Any other?


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