Post-Ettore Bugattis and Bugatti Replicas for sale

Italian, German VW Bugattis and Bugatti Replicas for sale

Maintained by Jaap Horst

If you have a little money to spare, Bugattis are for sale sometimes.

However, If you do not have the money for a real Bugatti, and find miniatures too small, you may always consider a replica. Quality replicas can be advertised on these pages, as are the Modern EB110's from Campogalliano and the Veyrons and Galibiers from Molsheim.

2011 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

3,895 miles, Car is in USA

Carfax reports and maintenance records available

Contact the seller through Jaap Horst, e-mail:


Wanted (for a friend of mine):

Bugatti EB110 SS

Private offers preferred.

Contact through Jaap Horst, e-mail:


  1. Real French (Molsheim) Bugattis
  2. Bugatti miniature models

Vive La Marque !!

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