Bugatti news, 1995

December 18,1995
Bugattis sold at the Brooks Auction

removed February 21,1996
Sold Bugatti at this auction, held December 4 in London was:

1930 Type 46 sports saloon Lancefield Pounds:73,000, Dutch Guilders: 180,200

December 1,1995
Bugattis sold at the Brooks Auction

removed February 21,1996
Sold Bugatti at this auction, held October 21 - 28 in London was:

1926 Type 35A Grand Prix English Pounds:121,400, Dutch Guilders: 300,500

November 23,1995
Bugatti at Tokyo Motor Show!

removed February 21,1996
Despite the fact that Bugatti is Bankrupt, they had a stand at the 31st Tokyo Motor Show, which was held from October 28 to November 8.
Is Bugatti still alive??

November 23,1995
Bugattis sold at the Monterey Vintage Sports & Classic Car Auction

removed February 21,1996
Sold Bugattis at this auction, held August 17-19 were:

1938 Bugatti T57S Atalante $472,000
1936 Bugatti T57 Atlantic (re-creation) $199,500
1938 Bugatti T57 Ventoux $199,500
1936 Bugatti T57 Corsica $181,650

October 16,1995
2 Bugattis sold in the Netherlands

removed February 21,1996
The Dutch Bugatti importer Winter in Norg, managed to sell two EB110's in the first half of 1995, one went to the north of Holland, one to the west. Unluckily neither of these cars have been licensed for the road, so they won't be seen on the road! Pity....

September 26,1995

Bugatti bankrupt

removed February 21,1996
Bugatti Automobili Spa, Italy, has been declared bankrupt, with a total debt of 200 million! This is a daughter of Bugatti International of Luxemburg. So this part of the business that sells the "name' through luxury goods will probably continue. If Bugatti Automobili can be resurrected in future, we'll see...... They could have a good chance, if they manage to complete the EB112, which will obviously sell much better than the supercar EB110.
What the consequences are for Lotus, who recently made a new model, the Elise, introduced by Bugatti president Romano Artioli at the recent IAA in Frankfurt, is unknown. Lotus is owned by Bugatti International in Luxemburg, and Romano Artioli (President of Bugatti International) is not willing to sell Lotus, and can't be forced either, to pay the debts of Bugatti Automobili. In between Bugatti International and Lotus are a few more holdings as well. Lotus appears to do quite well, even making a profit, especially on their Engineering department.

Bugatti News Notizie en Italiano

September 1,1995
Bugattis at the 1995 Pebble Beach Concours

removed 14-11-95 According to Autoweek, a T57s Atalante, which was the only Bugatti in the PB show, won the "Most Elegant Closed Car". The only other classic Bugatti we saw was on display (and for sale) in downtown Monterey, a black (of course) Atlantic.Info: Doug Herrman photo: Top Gear

September 1,1995

removed 14-11-95 A unique two tone blue 1935 Bugatti T-57 Ventoux owned by Verne Johnson of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan captured the People's Choice Award. Info: The Special Car Journal

August 31,1995
Bugattis at the Monterey Historic Automobile races

removed 14-11-95 Present at Monterey:

In the race itself, Phil Hill drove the 54 GP car to a convincing win over Steve Meyer's T51 which was on alcohol. Peter Giddings drove a borrowed T35C to third. Most of the Bugattis ran well and there was little attrition, showing good preparation.

Also present was the recreation of the 1923 Voisin Laboratoire that ran at the French GP against the 1923 Bugatti T32 "TANK" . These two cars circled the track together in the first race offering a good photo oportunity.

At Pebble Beach Concours, in addition to many of the above that were on display, there was also a gorgeous Type 57SC Atalante and an overdecorated Type 51 GP car from the Nethercutt collection. Furthermore the modern 1995 EB110 Super Sport was present, while a EB112 was present at the Pebble Beach event.

Info: David Woodhouse

Motor Shows and auctions are often great places to find luxury vehicles. Whether looking to purchase a vintage Bugatti or a high-end boat like a Horizon Yacht, for example, make sure to bring your mechanic with you to inspect the vehicle. Sometimes these older, collectible vehicles have been used in racing competitions, such as the Monterey Historic Auto races.

August 28, 1995
Bugatti 251 in Superclassics

removed 14-11-95 The current issue of Superclassics, a British quarterly magazine features a small article about the Bugatti 251, in their Famous Failures series!

Bugatti importer in the Netherlands!!

removed 7-6-95 The Netherlands finally has a Bugatti representative, operating in cooperation with the Belgian ALVAN Motors. WINTER in Norg, in the north of the Netherlands will try to sell Bugattis, also from their showroom in Eelde. Prices are:

EB110: fl.942.380

EB110 S: fl. 1.148.033

EB112: fl.716.716, probably Summer 1996

If you are interested, I can make the contact if you like.

Bugatti sells Lotus

removed 7-6-95 Recently Bugatti sold Lotus, which it had bought just a year ago. Problems with the payment of the development of the EB112 probably caused this. The EB112 is a four seater, four wheel drive luxury car, powered by the EB110 engine, modified to 5 liters, but without the 4 turbochargers. Development of the body was stopped by Giugiaro's Italdesign, because Bugatti couldn't pay in time.

Bugatti looking for investor

removed 7-6-95 It also seems that Bugatti is looking for a big investor, maybe Mercedes.

August 4, 1995
Ettore Bugatti boutique in Hawaii

removed 19-9-95

Grand opening of the Ettore Bugatti boutique in Hawaii. It will be the EB's introduction to the U.S. market (the boutiques are currently in Milan, Paris, and Tokyo). An EB110 will be on display and the boutique will carry all of the EB collection.

The date has not been set, but is scheduled for this December. The boutique will be located in Waikiki on the island of Oahu. Information: Stewart Dugan

August 2,1995
Bugatti Atlantic in ASM

removed 19-9-95

The next issue of Auto Motor und Sport, a German magazine (no.16, beginning of August) will have an article about the Bugatti Atlantic, more exactly about a Danish chap, who makes replicas of them!

June 25, 1995
Bugatti fifth at Watkins Glen!

removed 19-9-95

The Bugatti EB110, in its North American debut, finished fifth in the GTS-1 class. Former Formula One driver Patrick Tambay and Gildo Pastor-Pallanca wheeled the car to the checkered flag five laps behind class winner Hoerr.

In qualifying Former Formula One and Can-Am driver Patrick Tambay, with Gildo Pallanca-Pastor, rolled out the Bugatti EB110 SS for its North American debut. The GTS-1 class racer was 24th fastest overall, 10th in class.

Information from Motorsport News International, with the latest news about the IMSA class GTS-1 in which the Bugatti competes available.

The schedule for the next IMSA WSC races, where Bugatti competes in the GTS-1 class can be seen at the Bugatti Events

August 14, 1995

removed 28-9-95

It seems that the financial problems of Bugatti have come to an end for the moment. An investor from India (Rao??) has invested 100 billion Lira. With this transaction it seems that the power over the Bugatti company has moved from Italy. The transaction was just in time, as some 20 suppliers has asked for bankruptcy of Bugatti, because of failure to pay their debts.

This notice comes from british magazine Car, can anyone confirm this? Also more details are very welcome!!

August 7, 1995

removed 28-9-95

-- Bugatti's ill-fated attempt to sell its recently acquired Lotus subsidiary to the investment group 21 Invest has been scrapped. After agreeing to buy Lotus in March for $52 million, the group lowered its offer by a reported 25 percent and Bugatti said bye-bye. Bugatti management is now offering a minority share in the holding company that controls both Bugatti and Lotus and Bugatti chairman Romano Artioli said he is having talks with at least three European groups.

This is the second setback in six months for Bugatti, which announced a buyer late last fall only to see that offer fall apart in January. A public stock offering proposal also failed for the cash-strapped automaker. Meanwhile, production of the Bugatti EB110 is on hold despite $1.5 million in pre-paid orders for 16 EB110s ticketed for U.S. dealers.

Information from Car Collector

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