by Jacob Munkhammar and Jaap Horst

featuring the databases of Pim Faber

This is the joint home page of "Jaap Horst's Bugatti Pages" (on the net since Feb.'95), "Jacob's Bugatti Pages" (on the net since May '95) and "Pim Faber's Bugattiana Databases" (on the net since Sept. '96).

We, Jaap Horst and Jacob Munkhammar, have been running our separate Bugatti sites for a few years now, and ever since we became two we have tried to share the work between us, covering different issues with our sites, sending whatever information we have to eachother, instead of doing unnecessary double work.
When our sites where about a year old we decided to collect the result of this cooperation into this one comprehensive Bugatti resource, for your use and enjoyment.
We still run our sites independently, but now with the added service of this joint index.

In 1996 Pim Faber honoured The BUGATTI Web by joining us as co-editor, presenting his databases of scale models, books, post stamps, and other Bugattiana, previously only available in his books, now in computer-searchable form on the Internet!

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The sites:

Jaap Horst's Bugatti
(pictures, events, news, classifieds)

Jacob's Bugatti Pages
(all cars, history, articles, museums, books)

Pim Faber's Bugattiana
(books, poststamps, scale models)


New on our pages:
New on "Jaap Horst's Bugatti Pages"
New on "Jacob's Bugatti Pages"
New on "Pim Faber's Bugattiana Databases"


The Classics from Molsheim:
Cars, other Vehicles and History - Jacob Munkhammar
Pictures and Information - Jaap Horst
The Raymond Stofer Archive ALL Bugatti types, both original cars and miniatures - Jaap Horst
Frequently Asked Questions - Jacob Munkhammar

The Italian Ressurection:
Cars and History - Jacob Munkhammar
Pictures and Information - Jaap Horst
Frequently Asked Questions - Jacob Munkhammar

Articles and Discussions:
the Bugatti revue - Jaap Horst
Everything Bugatti - Jacob Munkhammar
Hunting for Bugatti Information? - Jacob Munkhammar

Events, News, Clubs, Addresses:
Events - Jaap Horst
Museums and Exhibitions - Jacob Munkhammar
News - Jaap Horst
Club Addresses - Jaap Horst

Bugatti Art Gallery - Jacob Munkhammar
Bugatti Art - Jaap Horst

Books, Films, Stamps:
Books, Catalogues, Publications Database - Pim Faber
Magazine Articles -JM
Films & Videos Database - Pim Faber
Postal Matters and Phone Cards Database - Pim Faber

Scale Models:
Scale Models and Toys Database - Pim Faber
Scale Model News - Jaap Horst
Scale Model Pictures - Jaap Horst
The Raymond Stofer Archive ALL Bugatti types, both original cars and miniatures - Jaap Horst
Scale Model Drawings - Jaap Horst

For Sale & Wanted:
Cars - Jaap Horst
Parts - Jaap Horst
Books and other Bugattiana - Jacob Munkhammar
Scale Models - Jaap Horst

Jacob's Selection of Bugatti Links - Jacob Munkhammar
Jaap's Selection of Bugatti Links - Jaap Horst

Our addresses are:
Jaap Horst:
Maasstraat 24, 9673CV Winschoten, the Netherlands, Phone: +31 6 53152350
Jacob Munkhammar: Contact me!
Arkitekt Christies gate 4b, N-7013 Trondheim, Norway. Phone: +47 - 900 57 938 (GSM mobile)
W.G.A. Faber:
rue Ettore Bugatti, Valkenhof 41, 3853 BP Ermelo, the Netherlands

"The BUGATTI Web" was first installed on the net 15/4-1996.
This page was last updated February 22 2000.