Automotrices Bugatti

Les "Pur Sang" du Rail

Rail "Thoroughbreds"

by Eric Favre

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Eric Favre has just written, and self published, a new book about the Bugatti “railcars/automotrices”.
It is a luxury book in Italian format (24 x 30 cm), delivered in a box which allows it to be stored in your bookshelves in Italian or traditional format.
This book has 336 pages and weighs 2,590 kg (with the box), it is bilingual (French and English), and includes more than 400 illustrations (photos, drawings, etc.). There is a historical part (4 chapters) and a technical part (3 chapters). Many errors circulating for many years about these railcars have been corrected because Eric was able to consult the archives of the SNCF and those of the Cité de l'Automobile in Mulhouse.


I have the book a few days ago, and it is in fact very good! There are loads of photographs, technical drawings and a lot of new information. Also the comparison with the other period "Automotrices" like the Renaults and Michelines is interesting, and puts it all into a bigger perspective. For example the fuel consumption, which was always said to be high for the Bugattis, but compared with the other period marques it is not that bad at all!
A book very well worth reading and good value for money!.

See various pages of the book, to see the quality of text and pictures

Price: €99,90 plus shipping costs €8,00 for France (Mondial Relay) and Europe, and €12,00 for the rest of the world.

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Eric Favre a publié, à compte d’auteur, un livre consacré aux autorails/automotrices Bugatti.
Il s’agit d’un livre de luxe au format italien, livré dans un coffret ce qui permet de le ranger au format italien ou au format traditionnel.
Ce livre de 336 pages et d’un poids de 2,590 kg (avec le coffret) est bilingue (français et anglais), et comprend plus de 400 illustrations (photos, schéma, dessins, etc.). Il est composé d’une première partie historique et d’une deuxième partie technique. De nombreuses erreurs circulant depuis des années sur ces automotrices ont été corrigées car Eric pu consulter les archives de la SNCF et celles de la Cité de l’Automobile à Mulhouse.

Ce livre est vendu 99,90 € auxquels s’ajoutent 8,00 € de frais de port pour la France (Mondial Relay) et l’Europe, et 12,00 € pour le reste du monde.

Voir quelques pages du livre, pour voir le qualité du texte et des images

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Vive La Marque !!

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