The Bugatti Video

Hugh Conway

We have the distribution rights to Hugh Conway's 2 videos and book:

BUGATTI - Part 1

Type 10 - Type 35B
Bugatti was pure artist; his only scientific knowledge resulted from experience which increased with the years, and a natural mechanical ability aided by a gift of observation. He did not believe in calculations, formulae or principles. He joked about pages of mathematical figures and about integration signs which he called violin holes. BCL003 55 mins 14.99


Type 52 - Type 57G
"Loud in voice, high in colour, overflowing with life, a brown bowler sitting on the back of his head, he looked more like a horseman strayed among motor cars. Nevertheless his brilliant life was interspersed with difficulties and catastrophes and came to an end amid material and mental problems. BCL004 50 mins 14.99
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Vive La Marque !!

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