Bugatti T73C presented at the 2006 Greenwich Concours

Bugatti T73C presented at the 2006 Greenwich Concours

This wonderfully new T73C monoposto with wings was presented at the 2006 Greenwich Concours, It is not a replica, It is the car once known as 73002 or 73C002, your choice. The cars were never finished by the factory so no official chassis numbers were ever assigned to them.

The current owner is of New Hope, Pennsylvania. This particular one was never owned by Hucke; it came to the US via DeDobbeleer & Cesari and was sold to Jerry Sherman who moved it on to Eri Richardson. Next, it went to Ray Jones and then to Tom Wheatcroft with whom it resided for quite a few years. Alberto Lenz of Mexico bought it a few years ago and then on to current owner who "finished" the car as it looks today. As these cars were never officially finished, I suppose an owner can do what they want with them! (Comment Sandy Leith)

Personally I think the car, as a monoposto is OK, but it should have been without the wings (who fits wings to a monoposto?) which are too bulky. The T59 piano-wire wheels look Ok on the car, but were not originally on it. The positive side: The engine looks highly impressive!! If you want to comment on this car, please do so through my regular mail address.

Provided by Don Meade

Vive La Marque !!

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