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Many people dream about owning a Bugatti. These dreams make people build copies of their favourite Bugatti. Sometimes beautifully, but sometimes without any sense of the Bugatti spirit at all.

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True Copies and Reconstructions
- Faithful to-the-screw reconstructions
Replica Bodies
- Built on "real" Bugatti chassis
Selected Home-spun Look-alikes
- "Almost" Bugattis, with modern mechanics, by individual enthusiasts
Commercial Look-alikes
- Bodies with Bugatti appearances and modern mechanics
Look-alikes of EB110/EB112
- Even the new cars from Campogalliano get copied
True Copies and Reconstructions:
- Faithful to-the-screw reconstructions

Type 32 "Tank" faithfully recreated by Bob Sutherland using many Type 30 parts
Type 41 "Royale" Esders' Roadster built by Schlumpf around an Autorail engine
Type 41 "Royale" Coupé de Ville "Napoleon" built from scratch for Tom Wheatcroft
other Type 41 "Royale"s built around Autorail engines in Britain, at least one, maybe five!
Twin Royale engined speed record car being built from original drawings in USA
Type 52 Exact copy manufactured in England

Replica Bodies:
- Built on "real" Bugatti chassis

Type 57SC Atlantic by Erik Koux, Denmark/France, in fibreglass and in aluminium
Type 57SC Atlantic by Crailville Ltd, of London

Selected Home-spun Look-alikes:
- Homemade Bugattis, with modern mechanics, by individual enthusiasts

Bill Stevenson "Type 35/59" on a Beetle chassis, possibly the first of that concept!
Chris Marshall (his own page) "Type 59" around a blown Jaguar engine
Don Shank "Type 55" using '72 Ford Pinto mechanics (page coming)
Johan Balsvik GP-style, six-cylinder

Commercial Look-alikes:
- Bodies with Bugatti appearances and modern mechanics

Acorn Schroeder Alfa Romeo powered Bugatti look-alike from New Zeeland
Bugantic French VW-based "Type 35"
de la Chapelle (Stimula) BMW powered French "Type 55", "Atalante" and "GP"
Classic Car KG German kit car manufacturer with 6 different Bugatti kits
Guitolar Ford Taunus based "Type 51" from Uruguay
Ironstone VW and Ford Pinto based "Type 35" kits, made in USA
Mathomobile Belgian VW-based or electric(!?) "Type 35"
Mythos German "Type 35"
Nobre Brasilian VW-based "GP Bugatti"
Panther De Ville Jaguar powered "Type 46" from England
Project of Distinction British "Type 35"/Triumph and "Type 39"/BMW
Ruska VW-based "Type 35" kit car from Holland
Saga French "Type 55"
Sbarro Royale Swiss Royale-inspired thing with two(!) Rover V8 engines!
Tael British "Type 35" on Leyland mechanics
Thunderbuggy Brasilian VW-based "GP Bugatti"
Unidentified 1 American(?) VW-based "Type 35"
Unidentified 2 German(?) VW-based "Type 35"

Look-alikes of EB110/EB112:
- Even the new cars from Campogalliano get copied

Roman A.D. Pontiac Fiero-based EB110 fibre-glass replica from California

The accuracy of the above information is not guaranteed. However, the information is compiled with the sincerest intentions of accuracy. Corrections, comments and additions are gladly received!
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