Bugatti Memories

Gene Cesari

Bugatti Memories recounts the authorís background and introduction to vintage automobiles in the early 1950s, his importing or brokering dozens of Bugattis and other distinguished marques primarily from Jean DeDobbeleer of Brussels, Belgium, during the following decade, and his subsequent activities.

The times, the cars and individuals involved in his six decades of continuing interest are described. Included are over two hundred photographs sent in by DeDobbeleer, taken by the author, or supplied by others plus images of relevant documents. These were carefully selected from the authorís archives by Charles Fawcett who designed the bookís layout to supplement and enhance the text.

A very nice book with a personal account of a Bugatti enthusiast who started this hobby when these were considered old, almost obsolete vehicles, worth hardly anything more than their scrap value, and who continues his hobby into the current day, where nobody would think of offering even a bunch of rusty Bugatti bolts for scrap!


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