Bugatti Type 46

La Petite Royale

Bohuslav Klein, Roland Saunier, Kees Jansen

Exclusive first look inside the book:
Excerpt from the Register of Existing Cars chapter covering all still existing Type 46 Bugattis

Entry of each individual car in this chapter shall contain:

Authors’ comments:
The first chapter of our book consists of a Register of all actually existing Type 46. No other Bugatti Type motivated so many European bodymakers in the thirties, to build such exclusive bodies, as this one did. About 40 different workshops created a huge number of dream bodies of which we could find many unpublished pictures. All these bodymakers are presented with examples of their works. In a society part many personalities are mentioned which owned or drove a Type 46 in those days. Finally we could compile a complete list of more than 450 ever produced cars.
Our book will contain approx. 400 fully illustrated pages and will be possible to preorder via the following suscription form.

The delivery has been delayed until start of November, 2008



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