Bugatti news, 1996

Bugatti news, 1995

October 8, 1996
EB110 gets world speed record on Ice!

In march 95, Gildo Pallanca-Pastor, 28 old, drove a EB110 SuperSport on the frozen sea in oulu in Finland. He reached the speed of 296.34 km/h, average speed on 1 km launched. He was using Michelin regular tyres with no spikes. This is a world speed record and he is in the Guinness book (in France). A movie was made and went to many TV in the world (MTVsport, Italy, France, Japan). The car was heavier than a normal one to get more motricity. The driver is from Monaco, a business man racing as a hobby. Info: Bret (I know the news is old, but I came to know it only now!!)

August 11, 1996
26 Bugattis at the Nürburgring

Michael Gans reports on the demonstration run held in conjunction with the AvD-Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. The run was held on Sunday August 11th to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Bugatti-Club Deutschland and the 60th anniversary of the BMW 328. Highlights included the demonstration of the Type 53 4 wheel drive race car driven by Miss Hucke from the UK and the Type 30 "Cigar" by H. Wiemeier of Munich. To my knowledge this was the first occasion on which these cars could be seen on the Nürburgring.

The participants of the demonstration were as follows:

H. P. Stolz          T13
H. Wiemeier          T30 (Cigar)
J. Dutton            T35
F. J. Kleine         T35B
Dr. J. Jantzen       T35T
B. Vendiesse         T35C
A. Ganter            T35C/51
P. Smet              T37
H. Jaspert           T37A
P. Altenbach         T37A
R. Rieger            T37A
Dr. H. Lohrer        T43
A. Wülfing           T43
R. Jankowski         T43A
Dr. P. Borstel       T44
A. Anders            T44
E. Grether           T44
W. Fuchs             T44
K. Siekman           T49
R. Jankowski         T49
J. Ernsting          T50S
Dr. P. Lenz          T57
R. v. Ramshorst      T57
R. Geray             T54
M. Faust             T40
A. Hucke             T53

June 25, 1996
Bugatti T37A Sold at Christie's

The Bugatti T37 at Christie's auction in Tarrytown, New York (15.06.1996) sold for $220,000 or $225,000 without commission.
The car is an original T37A with a Hanni (Switzerland) body which was mounted in 1937. It was brought to the US in the late 50's and remained unused to this day. It is extremely original.Info: Michael Gans

June 25, 1996
Bugatti airplane to be on display!

The 1938 Bugatti race plane is being transferred from the U.S. Air Force Museum's ownership to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Founded in 1953 by Paul Poberezny, we are the largest, private aircraft collection in the country (USA) with over 275 aircraft on display. The Museum is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, approximately 2 1/2 hours drive north of Chicago, Illinois.

The Bugatti aircraft will first be on display for our annual Fly-In Convention August 1-7, 1996. The EAA Fly-In is the world's largest aviation event with over 14,000 aircraft in attendance. The plane will be displayed at this time in "As Is" condition. Following the Convention it will be determined what state of restoration will be performed. Our goal is to keep the aircraft in the most original condition as possible to insure its value is retained.
Source: John Gaertner, Curator EAA Museum

June 21, 1996
fastest Bugatti in history

Did you Know...
The fastest Bugatti in history is currently being stored in a dirt floored shed in the country near Auckland New Zealand? The 1924 T35A is owned by Ron Roycroft who raced it successfully in New Zealand in the late '50's when the car had a six-cylinder Jaguar engine fitted. In the 1957 NZ GP, Roycroft finished third against modern machinery such as GP Maserati's and Ferrari's. The car is still driveable and has been returned to factory condition with the original Bugatti engine replacing the Jaguar.

May 21, 1996
Bugatti T37 Sold at Christie's

The Bugatti T37 at Chrisie's auction in Geneva (16.05.1996) sold for SFR 201,500.- including commission. This equates to $ 163,215 or DM 247,845. Info: Michael Gans

May 1, 1996
Bugatti planning to compete at LeMans

Gildo Pallanca-Pastor, owner of the Monaco Racing team attended at the pre-qualifying for the 1996 Le Mans 24 hours. Without much success, though, as you can see in the standings below. After seven of eight hours the classification looks like this. Thanks to Jacquie Groom for providing it.

.Ps.No.  Driver , Car                                          Lap Time K.P.H.
.-- ---- ----------------------------------------------------- -------- -------


. 1  18  Gentilozzi/Evans/Muller        Ferrari                3:44.300 218.279
. 2  17  V.D.Poele/Goossens/Bachelart   Ferrari                3:48.980 213.818
. 3   4  M. Andretti/Lammers/Warwick    Courage Porsche C36    3:49.441 213.388
. 4   8  P.L. Martini                   TWR Porsche WSC        3:49.623 213.219
. 5   7  M. Reuter/Jones/Wurz           TWR Porsche WSC        3:50.912 212.029
. 6  19  Taylor/Pace/Sharp              Riley & Scott Oldsmobi 3:51.330 211.646
. 7   5  H. Pescarolo/Lagorce/Collard   Courage Porsche C36    3:51.444 211.541
. 8  15  David/Enjolras/Trevisiol       WR Peugeot WR LM 96    3:51.602 211.397
. 9   2  Bouchut/Fouche/Laessig         Kremer Porsche/Spyder  3:51.642 211.361
.10  14  Gonin/Petit                    WR Peugeot WR LM 96    3:52.535 210.549
.11  11  D. Terrien/ S. Ayari           WR Peugeot WR LM 94    3:57.988 205.725
.12  12  B. Gachot                      WR Ssangyong WR LM 94  3:59.491 204.434
.13  10  G. Gomez                       Cosworth Debora        4:14.731 192.203
.14  16  Bruneau/Camus                  WR Peugeot WR LM 93    4:39.003 175.482


.15  33  Bellm/Weaver/Lehto             McLaren BMW F1 GTR LM  3:50.246 212.642
.16  25  Stuck/Boutsen/Wollek           Porsche GT1            3:51.370 211.609
.17  34  Raphanel/Owen Jones            McLaren BMW F1 GTR LM  3:52.015 211.021
.18  39  Lafitte/Soper                  McLaren BMW F1 GTR LM  3:54.342 208.925
.19  26  Wendlinger/Dalmas              Porsche GT1            3:54.572 208.721
.20  30  Nielsen/Bscher/Kox             McLaren BMW F1 GTR LM  3:55.349 208.031
.21  45  Gounon/Bernard/Belmondo        Ferrari F40            3:56.128 207.345
.22  50  Helary/Gache/Aiello            Chrysler Viper GTS-R   3:56.778 206.776
.23  38  Cecotto                        McLaren BMW F1 GTR LM  3:56.781 206.773
.24  29  Wallace/Grouillard             McLaren BMW F1 GTR LM  3:57.091 206.503
.25  28  Lees/Needell                   Lister Jaguar Storm    3:57.482 206.163
.26  52  Gache/Helary/Beretta           Chrysler Viper GTS-R   3:57.704 205.970
.27  44  Della Noce/Olofsson/Rosenblad  Ferrari F40            3:57.740 205.939
.28  49  Cudini/Morton/Sifton           Chrysler Viper GTS-R   4:00.016 203.986
.29  23  Hasemi/Reid                    Nismo Nissan GT-R LM   4:01.272 202.924
.30  24  Hasemi/Fukujama                Nismo Nissan GT-R LM   4:01.960 202.347
.31  48  Cobb/Dismore/Hendricks         Chrysler Viper GTS-R   4:03.426 201.129
.32  27  Chereau/Yver/Malcher           Porsche GT2 EVO        4:04.326 200.388
.33  51  Helary/Gache/Dupuy             Chrysler Viper GTS-R   4:04.328 200.386
.34  46  Ferte/Martini/Fabre            Sard MCBR              4:04.511 200.236
.35  59  Donovan/Nappi/Ota              Ferrari F40            4:04.813 199.989
.36  37  Konrad/Hermann/Roessler        Porsche GT2 EVO        4:05.129 199.732
.37  55  Jarier/Pareja/Lagniez          Porsche GT2 EVO        4:05.663 199.297
.38  41  Luyendijk/Liggonet/Dickens     McLaren BMW F1 GTR LM  4:06.929 198.276
.39  47  Saldana/de Orleans/Burdell     Porsche GT2 EVO        4:06.985 198.231
.40  32  Robert/Sourd/Daoudi            Renault V6 PRV Spider  4:11.628 194.573
.41  40  Lecuyer/Favre/Clerico          Venturi Prv 600 SLM    4:12.348 194.018
.42  42  Bertaggia/Said                 Callaway C7R           4:19.516 188.659
.43  62  Tambay/Gildo                   Bugatti EB 110         4:26.288 183.861
.44  60  Thyrring/Nissen/Andrews        DeTomaso Ford Pantera  4:27.249 183.200
.45  31  Sourd/Daoudi/Robert            Renault V6 PRV Spider  4:29.665 181.559

May 1, 1996
Bugattis sold at Poulain Le Fur Auction

April 29, 8 PM in Paris

				FF		$	DM	Brit. Pounds
Bugatti Type 40 Coupe 		276,685		53,966	81,932	35,724
Bugatti Type 37A (modified)	697,246		135,994	206,469	90,026
Bugatti T 57C Atalante		1,660,110	323,794	491,592	214,347
Bugatti Type 43 Grand Sport	1,936,795	377,760	573,524	250,071
Bugatti T 46 - 5 lit. cab.	664,044		129,518	196,637	85,739
Bugatti T 43 Roadster		1,549,436	302,208	458,819	200,057
Mido Wrist Watch		94,073		18,348	27,857	12,146
JB Cigarette Case		24,348		4,749	7,210	3,144
EB Breguet Chrono (Royale)	199,213		38,855	58,991	25,722
All prices include 10.674% commission. Info: Michael Gans
April 3, 1996
Bugattis in Classic top 100

The latest issue (April 1996) of the English Magazine Classic and Sportscar presents the top 100 of all time classics. The top 100 was conceived by inviting 200 experts to list their personal top 10. These had to be cars that directly enriched their driving life. Number 1 was the Austin Mini, probably due to the formula. Not everybody drove a Bugatti in their life, if they would have, certainly the Bugatti would have come out with a 1,2,3 victory. Jokes aside, the Bugatti T35/51 finished 16, between the Lancia Aurelia (15) and the Morgan +4/+8.
Comment was: "The in essence Grand Prix design Type 35 (single cam) and 51 (twin cam, courtesy of Miller) were readily adapted, with cycle wings and lights, into highly dramatic roadcars: John Miles of Autocar recorded 0-60 mph in 6 seconds, and 0-100 in 16.4 seconds with a Type 35B in 1983, which was quicker then a then-new Lotus Esprit Turbo...."
LJK Setright put it like this: "As a machine it has been bettered, but not as a vehicle for aesthetic gratification."
There was one more Bugatti in the Top 100, the Type 57 at No. 96, between the Talbot-Lago Teardrop (95) and the Honda NSX (Since when is this a classic??)

Apart from this top 100, there's also an article on the Type 43.

March 12, 1996
Bugattis at Retromobile

At Retromobile (Paris), apart from the T101CX Exner being on show, also a special car was for sale: a T57 Coach Gangloff. Price was FF750.000. I have no report about the car being sold or not.

February 29, 1996
Bugatti Boutique on Hawaii

The Ettore Bugatti Boutique is now open for business. The store has a 1937 Type 57 Ventoux -- a two-toned model with black and yellow (but I believe it was originally solid black when the boutique bought it). It was once owned by Peter Falk, the actor of "Columbo" fame. They plan to rotate it out with an EB110, but as far as I know that hasn't arrived in the islands yet.

So get your lazy asses off the beach and take a look at some real stunning curves! JJH

February 21, 1996
Bugatti Royale not sold

The Bugatti Royale that was to be sold in Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction did not reach the minimum:

SANTA ANA, Calif. - There's still time to buy it.

Rare 1931 Bugatti Royale Type 41 Binder Coupe de Ville. Cloth and leather interior. Only 3,800 miles. Mint condition. $15 million or best offer.

As of Sunday, the best offer was $11 million.

Not good enough for the car's owner, developer William Lyon of Orange County, Calif., who was having the sleek blue and silver, 22-foot-long, 7,000-pound sedan auctioned in Scottsdale, Ariz.

"There's been a lot of circling, but nothing definite yet," said Don Williams, a partner in the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction.

Designed for European nobility, only six Bugatti Royale sedans were built. One sold in 1990 for $15 million, the highest price ever paid for a car.

Lyon, 72, once one of the nation's richest developers, nearly lost his real estate empire when property prices plunged in the early 1990s. But financial problems have nothing to do with the decision to sell the car.

"He's changed his taste," Williams said. "He's had it for 10 years

February 21, 1996
Bugatti bankrupcy definitive

All attempts at saving the company Bugatti Automobili Spa. failed.

February 5,1996
Bugatti didn't finish Daytona 24 Hours

The Bugatti EB110 ss driven by Gildo Pastor Pallanca (Owner), Derek John Hill and Olivier Grouillard didn't finish at Daytona, due to mechanical problems and especially Electronic System trouble after 7 hours.

DEREK HILL about the car: -- (After driver change in 7th overall) The car is running great -- I had no problems. When the track started getting wet I really started gaining coming out of the turns (Bugatti uses all-wheel drive). I noticed the Porsches were slipping and sliding and I started gobbling them up coming off the corners. The track conditions are really not that bad. (On being 7th overall.) I had no idea -- That's terrific!

Standings after each hour:

Hour   Overall Pos.  Class Position  Laps behind #1

  1       12              4              0
  2        6              3              -1
  3        7              4              -1
  4       13              6              -5
  5       13              6              -7
  6       20              8             -15 
  8       49             19             -62

January 25,1996
Bugatti: Testing times for Daytona 24 Hours

The EB110 SS that drove at Watkins Glen, June 1995 has been testing for the Daytona 24 Hours, driven by Gildo Pallanca (who I think owns the car? and drove last year at the Glen) and Derek John Hill (son of 1961 World Champion, Phil Hill).

The Daytona festival will be (including qualifying sessions) from February 1-4, 1996. The actual Race is 3-4 February.


NO    DRIVER/CAR                               TIME                    SPEED
Exxon World SportsCars
16    Andy Wallace/Ford R&S Mk. 3              1:42.210                125.38
4     Wayne Taylor/Olds R&S Mk. 3              1:43.518                123.80
39    Eric van de Poele/Chevy Courage C41      1:44.055                123.16

Exxon Supreme GTS-1
6     Johnny O'Connell/Ford Mustang            1:53.205                113.21
01    Derek Hill/Bugatti EB110                 1:53.247                113.16
90    Tommy Riggins/Oldsmobile Cutlass         1:53.374                113.04

Exxon Supreme GTS-2
07    Dieter Quester/BMW M3                    1:59.176                107.53
06    Pete Halsmer/BMW M3                      1:59.723                107.04
67    Jeff Purner/Porsche 911 RSR              2:00.981                105.93

IMSA Endurance Championship  -- Grand Sports
33    Joe Aquilante/Pontiac Firebird           2:10.734                98.031
35    Marty Miller/Pontiac Firebird            2:10.825                97.962
3     Don Knowles/Pontiac Firebird             2:11.016                97.820

* Electronic times furnished by IMSA scoring.
Some of the GTS-1 testing time for Jan. 8th had times almost 3 seconds faster, but we'll wait to see what happens. Info: Mark Davidson
January 25,1996
Bugatti: the end.

According to a UK magazine article (Performance Car) they visited the Bugatti factory and found the place to be deserted, so I assume that there has been no takeover
A sad day

Info: Dannie Rose

January 16,1996
Bugatti Royale Replica

In the latest issue of Classic and Sportscar (Feb.-96) they name "The Year's This" and "The Year's That" for 1995, and "Replica of the Year" is:

"Replica of the Year: The ultimate wedding car! Never mind the cost of seven years recreation, but Tom Wheatcroft's all-new Bugatti Royale Coupé Napoleon is sensational. Oustanding work by builder Ashton Keynes Restorations."
There is a colour picture of it in the workshop. It looks finished, with open bonnet, only lacking wheels.

Bugatti news, 1995
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