Eagle's Nest Publications

Eagle's Nest Publications

As you might have noticed from the logo, a publishing service specializing in Bugatti-related writings, of all types. Actually I started under this name in 2021, though most activities started a lot earlier!

For any enquiries, please contact Jaap Horst, E-mail: EN-Publications@BugattiPage.com

Current publications

Arc of Triumph

A novel of Courage, Cars and Love

by Paul Ehrmann

Format : 140 x 216 mm, 294 pages, 2021

Also still available:
Firehawks - comic book featuring the Bugatti 100

By Herb Trimpe


Firehawks 2 - Breath of the dragon, featuring the Bugatti 100P

By Herb Trimpe

Full colour comic in English

Out of print:
The Bugatti 100P record plane

Created by Ettore Bugatti and Louis de Monge

By Jaap Horst, 2nd edition 2015

Published by Violaero

3rd improved edition is planned for beginning of 2022

Bugatti Legends Unproven legends and true stories.

By Jaap Horst , 2nd edition 2007

Bugatti CD Rom

3rd Edition

On-line publications, since 1995

Publication services

I can publish your writings and sell these through my pages and connections. Also, from my extensive archives I can assist you in making your book even better, by adding drawings, photographs and more. Finally, I have contacts with several printing firms and other publishers.

If you have written a (substantial) history on some aspect of Bugatti, or are planning to do so, please enquire for possibilities!

If it's only a short story you wrote, I can publish it in the Bugatti Revue.

E-mail: EN-Publications@BugattiPage.com

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Vive La Marque !!

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