Bugatti parts for sale

Bugatti parts for sale

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The price which the buyer and seller agree upon will be sent to me by the buyer, plus bank charges and a small fee for myself (5%). I will inform the seller once the money has been received, and the seller sends the part(s). When the buyer receives the part(s), I will send the money to the seller.

I do not accept any deputes about the quality of the item that is received by the buyer; the item is either what it is, or it is really different from what was advertised, and in that case the buyer will send it back. No quarreling about discounts....

Maintained by Jaap Horst

On this Page Bugatti Parts are offered, so if you need something, look here! If you have parts to offer, please write or e-mail me.
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GP Fuel tank for sale

Believed to be a vintage copy, pretty much exact. Seems in good condition.

Asking price $1600

Please contact the seller through the webmaster Jaap Horst


Bugatti Radiator Decanter

Heavy chrome-plated with screw top, excellent condition.

Manufactured by Ruddspeed Ltd (England), circa 1960.

Reached over 1900 at auction, now just 750 euro.

Jaap Horst


Original vintage Bugatti Water cover Plate

Size: 64,5x22,5x0,5cm

Price: €1200.

Please contact the seller Joachim Popp, Austria, Tel-0043/669/19356896 or e-mail:


Two front brake plates for GP Bugatti and Type 43 sale

Two new and unused front brake backplates for Grand Prix Bugatti and Type 43, with large (330mm) brakes for the famous Bugatti alloy wheels.
BOC part reference: C46 / 43EA2 / 35ESSAV74

Buy today, ships tomorrow from NL. No customs delays. (Within EU)

Price (per piece) is below cost and excludes shipment: €250 for the set.

Please contact the seller Taekele Holwerda by e-mail:


Bugatti Parts for sale

An original Bugatti gearbox suitable for type 38, 40, 43, 44.
The gearbox is original Molsheim.

A completely new set of gears, ball bearings and shafts are installed. The gearbox is immediately ready for use.
Asking price is EUR 17,500.00.

Two original Molsheim trumpets (axle tubes) with ball bearings from a Bugatti Type 40 rear axle.
The length of the trumpets is 420mm, the dimension for the bearings is 49.98mm. The bearing seats (hard chrome plated and ground) have been repaired.

The parts are in very good condition and can be used immediately.
Asking price is EUR 2,300.00.

Please contact the seller Thomas by e-mail:


For sale Bugatti diesel engine type 102 V

6-cilinder, good condition

Asking price € 15,000 or (part) exchange.

Please contact the seller Pierre by e-mail:


1922 Strasbourg Grand Prix body

1922 Strasbourg Grand Prix body to fit 2.5 meter chassis

Complete with fuel tank, exhaust, seats and some other fittings.

Offers around 20,000 Euro

Please contact the seller Kraig Mycock by e-mail: or phone: 0044 7976 313790


Bugatti type 57 parts including engine upper/lower crankcase plus block

Various parts, click the picture above, or this link.

Please contact the seller Eldon Guay by e-mail:


Bugatti Parts For Sale

4 used Bugatti Type 49 aluminium wheels. All numbered and 3 dated. All have damage so suggest for display purposes. 18 inch and 3 inch tyre well. £2000 for all 4.

Various original Bugatti gearbox gears, some oil unions and part of a gallery pipe, various valves and guides plus a rear axle pinion. Lot £400.

A very good Bugatti crown-wheel marked AV2 12/50 plus a differential spider with wear marked MH2. Both £350.

Large selection of Bugatti clutch plates. Some with dry liners. Some liners detached. Lot £550.

Selection of Bugatti hubs and drums. One original 2 eared spinner and one unmachined new casting. Loose hubs look good splines and threads plus tapers. 2 drums are quite corroded on the hubs and aluminium finned outer parts. Lot £1250.

More pictures available on request.

Please contact the seller Richard by e-mail:


Reproduction early Brescia type shock absorbers for sale

400 euro each or 4 for 1500 euro.

Some other Brescia parts available please email for details.

Please contact the seller Kraig Mycock by e-mail: or phone: 0044 7976 313790


Bugatti Type 30 body

La Côte-Saint-André, France
23 000 €

Please contact the seller by phone: Tel (France) 0610674267 or at:


Bugatti parts offered

Please contact the seller Jürgen Neugebauer by e-mail:


Bugatti oval cast brass sign.

This is a very impressive cast brass Bugatti sign, best one I have ever seen, it measures 38 x 21 cm, and weighs 11 pounds, 5.5 kgs

I’m not sure how old it is but it must be quite old as I doubt anyone would cast it at that weight today as it would cost quite a bit!

Please contact the seller Mark Harris by phone: Tel +44 (0)7834920804 or by e-mail:


Bosch FH8 cap conversion for Pursang Type 35

Distributor cap conversion that gets rid of the ghastly ‘Spider cap’ (Image on the right) on a Pursang Bugatti Type 35.

The cap comes as a complete kit, including the fixture, rotor knobs and steel clamp bracket.
It takes about an hour to fit.

Price £2000.00

Also available reproduction caps and rotors for Bugattis Type 35, 43, 46, 49 and 57.
Click the image above for more info.

Please contact Greg Morgan by e-mail:


Parts for sale

Please contact the seller Jacques Michon by e-mail:


Set of Marchal Trilux headlights for sale

Price: $ 1500

Please contact the seller Stacey Grabski by e-mail:


Set of Marchal headlights for sale

Price: 650 euro

Please contact the seller by e-mail:


Bugatti Parts For sale

Please contact Olav Glasius, Phone: +31653458945, e-mail:


Zenith Lyon 42 Kb updraught Carburettor suitable for Bugatti Type 37A or Type 39A

It appears to be in nice original condition after many years in a box but will no doubt need a fettle before use! 

Offers invited.

Please contact Robin Hanauer, e-mail:


Children's Bugatti Type 55

Approximately 1:2 scale

For Xmas just 9950 euro.

Please contact Olav Glasius, Phone: +31653458945, e-mail:


Pair of genuine vintage Brooklands Aeroscreen Curved Top. These are still made but the Brooklands branding is different.

Brooklands Aeroscreens

Pair of genuine vintage Brooklands Aeroscreen Curved Top. These are still made but the Brooklands branding is different.

Details are:

Price: £650 with free European shipping.

Please contact Andrew Thompson, e-mail:


Bugatti Carburettors

Please contact Jacques Michon, e-mail:


Two engine blocks for sale

One is a Molsheim type 51/55 original

The other is unmachined made in the 60s or 70s

Jeff Norton, +1 516 361 1852, USA, E-mail:


For Brescia: replica cambox which I bought in G.B. a few years ago.
This part was machined in G.B. only the main hole for shaft must be finished for exact diameter of shaft and small threads M 6 must be drilled with the oil pump.

I needed it for my engine, but a month ago I found and bought an original, thus I do not need it now.

Price is 2500,- Euro plus shipping.

Jakub Stauch, E-mail:


For sale:
Set of 4 engine bronze brackets for T46 or 50.

Accurate lost wax reproduction with all correct details.
Price on request

Please contact the seller Philippe Jaillon by E-mail:


For sale:

Please contact the seller by E-mail:


Scintilla windscreen wiper motor for sale. Unsure if this was used on a Bugatti.

The motor is from the 2nd half of the 1930's

Please contact the seller by E-mail:
Toledo, Spain



This couple of headlamps it seems belonged to a Bugatti Type 40

The diameter is 22.5 cm and the deep is around 14 cm the condition are good for its age in the front glass there is an iscription " Bifox 1931"

the requested price is 1600€ obo

Mauro Zanardi, E-mail:


Various Bugatti parts for sale:

NOS Molsheim T57 Straight Clutch Pedal Arm Part # 57EMB182.
It Can be Modified to Fit Other Types.
395 €

A Pair of T57 Aluminium Bulkhead Supports.
In Excellent Condition with a Nice Patina. They Appear to be Original Molsheim.
However, If they are Reproduction, then they were Made Many Years Ago.
395 €

Bugatti Type 51, 55 Bevel Pinion Timing Gear - NOS Molsheim, 17 Teeth
495 €

Original Molsheim Water Pump Shaft for:
Type 35, Type 43, Type 51, Type 55
Length: 215 mm
495 €

Both NOS and Used Molsheim Parts for Various Types:

New Obsolete Outer Front Axle Deep Grove Ball Bearings for:
Type 35, Type 51, Type 55, Type 37 on Alloy Wheels
20 x 62 x 17 mm (6305/20)
These Bearings are Correct with an ID of 20 mm. (Not 25 x 62 x 17 mm, Which Require a Sleeve on the Stub Axle).
129 € for a Pair

Also Many Other Sizes of Bearings Available for Most Types of Bugatti:

  • Front Axle
  • Back Axle
  • Gearbox

    New 22 mm Bolts with Heavy Nuts for Mounting the Rear Springs to the Dumb Irons.
    These bolts are 8.8 Hardness with Course 2.5 mm Thread Pitch.
    Available In Different Lengths:

    These Fit Almost Every Type.
    115 € for a Pair of Bolts with 2 Nuts

    Tel: + 1 403 922 3370


    T57 Supercharger center for T35B

    This project started when I was given permission by VSCC to race a type 35B with a supercharger comprising a T57 center case with T35 ends, to run on methanol.

    The efficiency of the 57 case with letter box ports , we calculate will move 15/20 % more volume than the T35 case, it’s what Alfa and Bugatti did later in the 57.
    The inlet port is for a Zenith (not included) or can be a big Solex. Another even more efficient arrangement utilises a 2.25 inch SU with twin needle valves to the float chamber, photograph on the right.

    The outlet collector manifold fits directly on to T35 inlet manifold by the flange. The 57 center case is by Brinerton , so their rotor and end covers will fit exactly, the manifolds and SU are by Townsend.

    The sale includes the VSCC note, All parts cost about £5000, so please make a sensible offer

    Parts are in UK, and can be collected in Brimingham area.
    When requesting sending: packing, freight forward and customs are extra, to the purchasers cost. Money in bank first.

    Please contact the seller through the webmaster, E-mail:


    Large collection of parts - prices reduced

    Brineton made Alloy wheel rim extensions gains another 15 mm
    I have 8 pieces will sell in pairs.
    @ £120 each

    New made by Gino Hoskins pair main leafs for T35/37
    £350 pair.

    Touring ring gear Brineton made
    £300 the pair.

    Cibie fog light alloy body.
    @ £120 .

    Pair of Brineton machined from solid steel, not SG iron as normally used.
    £300 pair.

    New made floats for 36 Zenith triple diffusers.
    £25 each.

    Replica Bosch horn button made from solid brass, soft nickel plated @ £ 160 each
    Two only original pedestals for above , one soft nickel plated and polished other aged @ £ 100 each.

    Taper bearing front axle hubs spacers for T35. Ensures more rubber to track with 2.5 degree caster angle, and assured braking. Race proven.
    £2500 set.

    Parts are in UK, and can be collected in Brimingham area.
    When requesting sending: packing, freight forward and customs are extra, to the purchasers cost. Money in bank first.

    Please contact the seller through the webmaster, E-mail:

    4-4-2020 / 5-11-2019

    Large collection of parts - prices lowered!

    These switches are push to make contact, starter via relay, or horn or mag kill switch, etc etc. Originally for wooden dash panel, can be modified as per centre switch to mount into GP Bulkhead.

    Carburettor for T37, post war Solex 40mm

    COSWORTH forged pistons for T37/40

    These pistons designed by Paul Morgan of ILMOR race engines, comprises a flame ramp with a top squish area. Only 72.5 mm remaining complete with rings pins 18 mm, gives 1640 cc with a 100 mm stroke.

    Race and rally proven
    Price £ 500 set of four much below cost some 25 years ago

    Race cam for T 37 fitted with Delco distributor gear.
    Cam timing:
    Inlet opens 36 deg BTDC lift of 5.2mm
    Inlet closes 54 deg ABDC
    Exhaust opens 54 deg BBDC lift of 6.2mm
    Exhaust closes ATDC
    Cam to follower clearance 0.25mm
    Dwell angle inlet/exhaust. 270 deg

    By reducing cam/follower clearance it is possible to get close to the race Riley’s cam timing of 40/60. 60/40.
    Price £ 900.

    Twin choke 36mm Zenith complete.
    The idea was to fit to T37 using a modified BOC T40 bread loaf manifold. Carb will include shaft operating arm, also fitted with the rare starter, run and air bleed valve block, so essential to climb mountains by progressively weakening the main jet as you climb.
    Make a sensible offer in £. only ever seen this one twin choke carb, until Weber made his. Nothing new in the world!!!

    Parts are in UK, and can be collected in Brimingham area.
    When requesting sending: packing, freight forward and customs are extra, to the purchasers cost. Money in bank first.

    Please contact the seller through the webmaster, E-mail:

    4-4-2020 / 29-11-2019

    Various parts on offer:

    All prices: Best offer

    Please contact the seller through the webmaster


    Many Bugatti T57 parts for sale:

    Click here for the list of T57 parts

    Guild of automotive restorers, Canada.

    Contact Eric Thomsen, +1 905-775-0499 E-mail:


    Bugatti Type 40 Parts for sale:

    Original crankshaftfrom a Bugatti T40

    Please contact the seller through the webmaster, E-mail:


    Vive La Marque !!

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