Bugatti books for sale

Bugatti books for sale

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I do NOT check the background of all the sellers on this site, so please be careful when sending money without knowing exactly if the offer is genuine.

Please contact me when in doubt, I will be able to inform you if the seller is somebody whom I know for a longer time, or if the seller is somebody unknown to me. In that case an extra check (not cheque!!) may be wise!

In this Page Bugatti Books and related items are offered, so if you need something, look here! If you have books to offer, please write or e-mail me.

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Bugatti books new and old

My friend Donald Toms specializes in selling books which recently came out, in the USA mainly.

However, he also offers a whole variety of less recent and also older books, as well as more general books on Automobile History, but with a Bugatti focus. Furthermore catalogs, articles and much more!

Bugatti book inventory (including contact details).

Donald also offers a lot of books about other marques, but who would be interested in that?

Bugatti blueprints and photographs:

All drawings and photographs are framed and in good condition.

Sold as a complete collection only, Price: $5500

Tel: + 1 404 610 6488


Original Bugatti Factory Literature:

(Please note the pen in the image for scale)

Selling as a Package for 275

Tel: + 1 403 922 3370


I am reducing my Bugatti book collection, with the following books for sale:

(Prices in Euros)

Condition varies from good to excellent. Details can be given for specific books if required.
(Im happy to discuss some discount for multiple purchases.)

Bugatti Owners Club BUGANTICS magazines 1931-2015 COMPLETE SET
(Prewar are Club reprints, postwar originals incl. very rare 1946 issues )

All in BOC Club binders (40 in total ) Included is Bugantics index covering Vols 1-31
produced in 1970 (Ive only ever seen this one !)
Includes some spare binders and various BOC newsletters. 2000 Euros

All prices exclude postage, which will be charged at cost. Collection in France also acceptable.
Please contact the seller by e-mail:


Bugatti Veyron color and trim box

Complete and full Bugatti Veyron color and trim box. Only 33 produced and delivered 2005 by the factory to the dealers who purchased the box for 6500 as part of their branding package by the factory.
Most sets have been used and are either incomplete or heavily scratched and used. This one is like new.

Asking price 5500 without shipping and including leather bag.

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse conrod

This is an original gift by the factory given to invited dealers to the world dealer meeting in 2013. Its limited and each numbered to 50 pieces only and comes with its original box.

Its highly polished and mega rare. Asking price 3000

Please contact the seller by e-mail:


For sale:
Rare complete series of all 4 parts of the Bugattiregister, Netherlands and Belgium

All books are numbered, and matching numbers.

Asking price: 400 Euro

Please contact the seller Erik Hakstege, E-mail:


Books wanted


Contact Geoff McCarten, e-mail



Bugatti 57 Sport

by Pierre-Yves Laugier

Marc de Klerk, phone: +27824467459, e-mail



Brochure of the Baby Bugatti

Please email



I am trying to get a few missing copies (no reprints) of the so called Bugantics magazines.

I am interested in:

Year: 1935, Volume:4, Edition:6
1939 8 5,6
1946 9 2

Please send any offers through the .


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Vive La Marque !!

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