The Most Beautiful Bugatti Royale Ever Made

The Bugatti type 41 Royale 'Roadster Esders' designed and styled in 1932 by Jean Bugatti, the very promising son of the great Ettore. He died in 1939 in a tragic car accident while testing one of the factory cars around Molsheim.

Here Jean Bugatti is proudly photographed with his most beautiful creation.

This Royale is also known as the Royale 'Esders' Roadster but Jean Bugatti called it his 'Runabout'.

The car was especially designed for Dr. Armand Esders, a clothing manufacturer, who ordered a car without any headlights as this would impair the beautiful design. He had, as he said, no plans to drive after sunset anyhow.

Engine:12.8 litres monoblock 8-cylinder in line
2 sparkplugs per cylinder, 1 carburettor Bugatti type
Power:260 bhp - 1700 rpm
Torque:200 nm
Top speed:160 km/h plus
Brakes:mechanical - cable operated
Transmission:3 forward, 1 reverse
Dimensions:4.3 m !!! wheelbase, 1.6 m track
Wheels:cast aluminum

The car is rebuild first without and later fitted with headlamps at the Musée Nationale de l'Automobile, Mulhouse, France.

The photographs were taken just before delivering to Mr. Esders.

Source: Art in Limited Edition bv