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Locomotive miniatures, O Scale

Locomotive miniatures, I Scale

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History of Technology page, with pictures and information about strange technological or just fun stuff!
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Image: Henry Dreyfuss’ Mercury steam locomotive, 1936 More info on this page More info on streamlined trains and their models

Locomotive miniatures, HO Scale, 1:87

Fleischmann BR 01 German Steam Express locomotive approximately 1953
Piko BR 86 German Steam locomotive
Mantua US Mallet locomotive
Rivarossi US Mallet locomotive "Challenger" 1996
The interesting thing with miniatures, is that they in fact represent two different histories;
One of the miniature manufacturer and the particular miniature. The other of the large example
for the miniature. People do in fact often buy the miniatures as a representative for the history
of the big example it represents. Not many people can collect real locomotives!

Locomotive miniatures, O Scale, 1:48

Lionel Camelback Steam locomotive

Locomotive miniatures, I Scale, 1:32

Märklin BR 78 German Steam locomotive, 1 scale

Locomotive miniatures, G Scale, 1:29

LGB 2085 Hanomag Mallet Steam Locomotive

Aristocraft USRA Articulated 2-8-8-2 American Steam locomotive

Pinball machines - Thus: Not Flippers!

Rockola "Wings" American Pinball machine, 1933
Zentri "Bomber" German Pinball machine, approximately 1936

Automobiles - Real ones, not miniatures!

Daimler Conquest Century Saloon, British, 1953
Princess 2200 HLS, British, 1977

Miscellanious - Technical stuff that does not fit anywhere else!

Hour-glass Time-keeper, USA, 1910's
Brunsviga mechanical calculator, Germany, 1937
Coin counter, British, approximately 1960
Old Number plate, the Netherlands, 1925

Bugatti items - real ones

Unknown Bugatti part, probably boat-related?

Manège Mécanique Bugatti

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