Bugatti books for sale

Bugatti books for sale

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Bugatti books for sale

For sale / Zu verkaufen:

Seiff, Ingo - Bugatti – Eleganz auf Rädern - Bleicher Verlag 1993 - 30,00 Euro
Conway, H.G. - Grosse Marken Bugatti - Heel 1991 - 10,00 Euro
Delerm, Jean Claude - Automobilmuseum Sammlung Schlumpf Mülhausen Frankreich - Heel-Verlag - 100,00 Euro
Von Saldern, Axel Ellert & Richter Album - Bugatti – Kunstwerke auf Rädern - 10,00 Euro

Price for all / Komplettpreis: 120,00 Euro.

Anke Sürtenich,


For sale:

Bugatti 19 original lithographs signed by ALot, perfect condition, 55 x 34 cm, number 11 out of total 75 made

These showing typ 50, 59, Royale, 57 engine, 53, 55, 50, 30, 46, 100p, 43, 5 litres, 35 B, 3 L GP, 57, rail, 10 and 13.

A very rare opportunity, price 2500€

Jacques Michon,


For sale:

Roger Redford, E-mail:


For sale:

For sale several literature:
Including original T44 handbook, well used and parts list, in French, the parts list is in very good condition, the handbook was much used in the 1930s, with oil marks, loose pages (none are missing) and servicing details for an unidentified T44 written in the back.

Also an English sales brochure (probably reproduction as it is in perfect condition) and BOC data book.

Mike Holt, E-mail:


Bugatti Magnum by Conway and Sauzay

German edition.

Rudolf-Werner GIB, E-mail:


For sale:

Notice de conduite et entretien du chassis 1500 Type 40 et du chassis 2 litres Type 38

This is an original manual in French only, from the 20's, NOT a later copy with English translation.
Very rare.

1930's Bugatti and AC timing chart.

In English.

Roger Redford, E-mail: .


6 specially made exclusive illustrations of:

These illustrations are reproduced on glossy photopaper.The complete set, if framed will form a nice wall decoration.

Price 21,50 euro a piece. As a set of six 110,- euro's.

For more .


Hermes Bugatti Silk tie in orginal Hermes box.
This tie was produced by Hermes in a limited edition exclusively for Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.

This tie has never been for sale and were only given to the special relations of Bugatti S.A.S

Price 725,00 euro.

For more .


Bugatti Type 44, Notice de Conduite et d‘Entretien, Janvier 1929
Cover, 36+2 p.
Good condition, some neat handwritten corrections and notes in German

Catalogue des Pièces Détachées, Août 1930
no cover, loose leaves, 23+1 p., XV plates, complete
some marks from old tapes

Eduard Saluz:


Bugatti 101 very rare original drawing by Bob Freeman

Original pencil drawing on rice paper by Bob freeman(1947-2004) on the occasion of the Louis Vuiton Classic Show Londen june 2002.

Size A4. Price 295,- euro

Please apply for more information: or phone 0031(0) 653 44 65 13


For sale:

46 Complete years of Bugantics from 1959-2005 The years 1959-1983 are bound in 8 Bugatti blue hardcovers The titles are printed in gold

Also in stock 82 copies of Pur Sang. Years 1987-1995.

All copies are in mint condition!

Please apply for more information: or phone 0031(0) 653 44 65 13







For sale:

Original catalog and in perfect condition.

The desired price is 700 €

François Suberbère, phone is 0609245858 in France


267 Bugantics from vol. 1-1

It is very complete . There may be one or two missing but more like out of order.

This set belonged to Miles Coverdale.

I would like to sell them for 3,500$ US

Jeffrey Norton, E-mail: .


A very rare booklet “Bugatti Royal” - the car of Superlatives (In which this letter about the Royale!)

The Bugatti Story - W. Boddy

Fantastiques Bugatti - Maurice Sauzay and Xavier de Nombel

Bugatti Kunstwerke auf Radern - Axel von Saldern/Ellert & Richter Album

The Bugatti Register - The Netherlands Belgium Volume I – 2005 - Kees Jansen/Dick Ploeg/Rick Scholtens

The Bugatti Register - The Netherlands Belgium Volume II – 2008-2009 - Kees Jansen/Dick Ploeg/Hans Veenenbos

The Bugatti Register - The Netherlands Belgium Volume III – 2012 - Kees Jansen/Dick Ploeg

Ettore Bugatti, L’artisan de Molsheim Tome 1, 2, 3 – Norbert Steinhauser
Ettore Bugatti, L’artisan de Molsheim (paperback) - English translation Historic & Technical Volume 1,2,3 - Norbert Steinhauser

Bugatti (Motorbuch Verlag) - Hugh Conway – Maurice Sauzay

The French Sports Car Revolution - Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye and Talbot in Competition 1934-1939 - Anthony Blight, Foreword by Bill Boddy

Grosse Marken Bugatti - H.G. Conway

Etorre Bugatti - International Magazine of Automobiles and other “Objets D’Art” - English Edition No 2 1st Semester 1992

Etorre Bugatti - Internationales Journal fur Automobile und Kunstgegenstande - Deutsche Ausgabe Nr.4, 1er Halbjahr 1993

Etorre Bugatti - Internationales Journal fur Automobile und Kunstgegenstande - Deutsche Ausgabe Nr.5, 2es Halbjahr 1993

Etorre Bugatti - Internationales Journal fur Automobile und Kunstgegenstande - Deutsche Ausgabe Nr.6, 1. Halbjahr 1994

Etorre Bugatti - Rivista Internazionale di Automobili E Altri Oggetti D’Arte - Edizione Italiana Nr.7, 2e Semestre 1994

Les Grandes Routieres Franzosische Traumautos der 30er Jahre - William Stobbs

Bugatti, Collection “Prestige de L’Automobile - Les “Pur-Sang”de Molsheim - Pierre Dumont

Bugatti Legends - Jaap Horst

L’Adieu a Bugatti - Patrice de Meritens

The Bugatti Book - W.F. Bradley

Bugatti “Le pur-sang des automobile" - Third Edition - H.G. Conway

The Bugatti Queen - In search of a motor-racing legend - Miranda Seymour

Bugatti - Der Mythos. Die Familie. Das Unternehmen - Joachim Kurz

Bugatti - H.G. Conway

Bugatti -Thoroughbreds from Molsheim - Collection “Prestige de L’Automobile” - Pierre Dumont

Guide Bugatti - Tous les Modeles de 1910 a nos jours - Maurice Sauzay

Bugatti - Kunstwerke auf Radern - Axel von Saldern/Ellert & Richter Album

Bugatti Royale - Le Reve Magnifique - Paul Kestler – Photographies de Jean-Paul Caron

Bugatti - Fabien Sabates

Bugatti Motorfair, October 1987 (magazine)

The Type 57 Bugatti - Number 41 – Profile Pubclication (magazine)

Bugatti, Type 46 & 50, The Big Bugattis - Barrie Price

Archives D’Une Passion - Antoine Raffaelli

The last French Bugatti 57 - Barrie Price

Bugatti Tout L’Histoire - Paul Kestler

Bugatti -The dynamics of mythology - Griffith Borgeson

Bugatti “ Le Pur-Sang Des Automobiles” - Fifth edition with foreword by Michel Bugatti - H.C. Conway

Bugatti evolution of a style - Paul Kestler

Bugatti Kunstwerke auf Radern - Axel von Saldern/Ellert & Richter Album

Bugatti – The Man and the Marque - Jonathan Wood, Foreword by Barrie Price

Bugatti – The Cleveland Museum of Art - Henry H. Hawley

Jos Fruytier 00 31 6 53 473789


The following are for sale:
1/Katalog von 1939 Worblaufen Karosserien Katalog mit Bugatti und anderen Herstellern 12 Seiten in Deutsch Verkaufspreis 500.-Euro
2/Prospektmappe von 1937/38 Typ 57 Portofolio 6 Seiten in Französisch Verkaufspreis 600.-Euro
3/Prospekt von 1927 Typ 43 3 Liter 8 Zylinder 13 CV Grand Sport 4 Seiten in Französisch Verkaufspreis 700.-Euro
4/Prospekt von 1927 Typ 37 10CV 1500 Sport 4 Seiten in Französisch Verkaufspreis 800.-Euro
5/Prospekt von 1926 Typ 35 2 L 11 CV Course Racing Cars 4 Seiten in Französisch Verkaufspreis 700.-Euro
6/Prospekt von 1926 Typ 40 1,5 L 10 CV Chassis Tourisme 4 Seiten in Französisch Verkaufspreis 500.-Euro
7/Prospekt von 1927 Typ 39 1,5 L 8 Zylinder Grand Prix 4 Seiten in Französisch Verkaufspreis 600.-Euro
8/Prospekt von 1929/30 Typ 49 3.3 2 Seiten in Deutsch Verkaufspreis 250.-Euro
9/Prospektblatt von 1930/31 Typ 50 Chassis 28 CV Sport Kompressor 1 Seite in Französisch Verkaufspreis 180.-Euro
10/Prospektblatt von 1935/36 Typ 45 Chassis 57 S 1 Seite in Französisch Verkaufspreis 150.-Euro
11/Prospektblatt von 1929 Typ 44 Grand Prix 3 L 1 Seite in Französisch Verkaufspreis 150.-Euro
12/Prospektblatt von 1929 Typ 46 Chassis 30 CV 1 Seite in Französisch Verkaufspreis 150.-Euro
13/Prospektblatt von 1929/30 Typ 46 Chassis 5.3 1 Seite in Deutsch Verkaufspreis 150.-Euro

1/Samy Chalom presente 60 bronzesde Bugatti von 1967 Verkaufspreis 180.-Euro
2/Das große Bugatti Buch von Tragatsch von 1967 Verkaufspreis 150.-Euro

1/Original Foto von Rennfahrer Hans Simons auf Bugatti von 1930 VP 250.-Euro

Freddy Vögele, E-mail


2 Brochures, of the Type 101 and the YouYou, are offered

michon, E-mail


Appearing on Ebay starting Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 ending Sunday, Dec. 17, 2012:

Nearly COMPLETE BUGANTICS VOLUMES 1-31 WITH INDEX!!! All original except the following authorized reprints: Volumes 1-8 (Vol 4 #1 is original). Only 3 are known missing--Vol 9 #3, 9 #6, and 10 #1.From the estate of L.S. Juillerat, documented Bugatti owner.
Will ship internationally at cost; request an invoice before paying.

Go to the Eaby listing

The same seller also offers other Bugantics issues, as well as some parts. And many antique car manuals (no Bugatti), go to the seller's page on


I have a Bugatti Magnum, English edition #1841, with cover, in excellent condition, as well as a chapbook; The Complete Book of Bugatti, by Paul Kestler.

Asking price $750 for both items. Will consider offers for them individually.

John Freestone
E-mail or (U.S). 585-346-0483


For sale, various Bugatti items: 10 original Bugatti catalogues and a T35 clock., The auction ends June 20th.


For sale, a brand new Bugatti Magnum, new in slipcase and cardboard box.

Price USD 400,00 ex freight.

E-mail: SH486281 (at) 12MOVE.NL


For sale the following books:
Barker: Bugatti - condition 4/5
Boddy: The Bugatti Story - condition 4/5
Bradley: Ettore Bugatti (edition 1959) - condition 4/5
Conway/Greilsamer: Bugatti (1:st edition 1978) - condition 4/5
Conway: Register and Data of Bugatti Automobiles - condition 5/5
Eaglesfield/Hampton: The Bugatti Book (edition 1960) - condition 4/5
Haslam/Gamer/Harvey/Conway: The Amazing Bugattis - condition 4/5

Bugatti: l'Épopée Bugatti - condition 4/5
Lot: Bugatti: Automobiles et Autorails (edition 1979, no. 91) - condition 4/5
Centenaire Ettore Bugatti 1881-1981 - condition 5/5
Exposition Commemorative Ettore Bugatti 1881-1947, Cial Strasbourgh Wacken (booklet!) - condition 5/5

Tragatsch: Das Grosse Bugatti Buch (edition 1967) - condition 4/5


Original brochure: Le pursang de l’automobile type 57

13 pag (publ: imp-nadal-paris)

Johan Vanbeselaere, Belgium



Please mail for further description & postage & packing price. Paypal preferred.

Simon Ireland


Heroes and Vigliones

Although not purely Bugatti the Bugatti connections are strong. The book is about the Viglione Cyclecar constructed in Buenos Aires in c. 1926 by Luis Viglione. The car is a one-off miniture racing car containing many Bugatti parts (brakes, gear box internals, fastenings etc.) and is in the "rough" shape of a G.P. Bugatti.

Vigliones business partner was Raul Riganti who was the Argentinian banker involved with Ettore Bugatti in taking the T30 Bugatti to race in America.

The price of the book is AUD 45.00 plus $10.00 post and package to Europe.

Above and right the front and back covers, below a few pictures of the Viglione as it is now


Some additional info:
Viglione constructed this one off cyclecar along the lines of a Grand Prix Bugatti which on retirement eventually made it’s way to Australia in the 1970s. Restoration was completed by Melbournite Peter McGann in 2007 using all salvage-able original parts and spares.

The Viglione Cyclecar features a tubular frame with sliding pillar front suspension and live rear axle. A 4Hp Humber side valve engine transmits power to the left rear wheel only by bevel drive. Two forward and one reverse gears.

The Viglione would handle a little like a left hand drive sidecar in that it would want to turn right when the throttle was opened and left when closed. Though odd to anyone who hasn’t ridden an outfit, this was probably controllable given the modest performance.

Peter McGann
21 Keating Street
Black Rock
VIC. Australia




(16 valve, Full Brescia, Brescia Modifie)

By Peter D McGann

Edition No. 1

First Published – June 1990

I have some copies of my Brescia Bugatti book from 1990 which I have had hard bound in leather and have now for sale.

Peter McGann
21 Keating Street
Black Rock
VIC. Australia

"BUGATTI LES PUR SANG DE MOLSHEIM" de Pierre Dumont, éditions EPA, 1975

Parfait état, excepté jaquette (légèrement déchirée). Photo sur demande. Prix 120 euro, port en plus
Perfect condition, except jacket (some tears). Photograph on request. Price 120 euro, postage extra

C. Hubert


Bugatti Calendar, 2011
Shown above are the front page, and the overview of the pictures for each month. The pictures on the calendar are in full-color.

Made by Hans Peter Gievers.

20 euro, plus postage


Please see the posters I have below - I purchased them and am looking for a good home with someone who appreciates the artwork - my fiancee doesn't like the style (I am working on it, however.) I would like to sell these two lithos - the first is framed and the Fix is unframed.

Ilene Kaminsky

The Bugatti train lithograph is framed and in perfect condition - not a reproduction. I had triple matting to make the colors pop - black, silver and blue and then white mat boarder with a black matte frame. The matting alone was 450 about 15 years ago.

The other: Bugatti - Artist: Masseau Fix, 1989
80 cm (H) x 60 cm (W)
Attractive lithograph commissioned in 1989 for the Bugatti Club.

E-mail and phone (I am generally on it all day for work) +1 408-916-6931

Bugatti Magnum

Hugh Conway, Maurice Sauzay, 1989, Nº 2381 Price: 900 euro

contact Christian Thuaux


Bugantics and other British Bugatti Memorabilia:

See the full list of bugantics and other items

For all enquiries contact John Murphy, UK

E-mail, Tel 01223 420111

Many Books are on offer by Uwe Siebenbrodt from Germany:

See the full list of books

If you are interested in a book, please send a mail, and Uwe will send you pictures.

Please be informed about the shipping costs. These would be between 5 - 20 Euro for a small parcel. For sending outside Europe this amount will typically raise to 15 – 30 Euro.

The use of PayPal will be the easiest way for payment.
My PayPal name: “”.
Bills are also payable via bank transfer, no cheques, please.

For all enquiries contact Uwe Siebenbrodt, E-mail

Bugatti books for sale

Following Books are on offer by Laurent Messmer in France:

Communication "en Francais" please!


Bugatti Type 32 Tank

Diego Ratti

Printed: 102 pages, 6" x 9", casewrap-hardcover binding, full-color

Special introduction price: € 86,45



I offer original coach building drawings of Bugattis Type 46 - 49 – 57, accomplished by Gangloff from 1935 till 1939. Most of these drawings are left views, scale 1/10, drawn with China ink on tracing paper.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me for more details or for an offer by mail to
Thomas Colmar


Various books for sale:

Fantastiques bugatti(sauzay). cond. ex. 100,--
Bugatti catalogue (Kobe, japan) cond. ex. 20.--
Bugatti catalogue (cleveland) cond. ex. 20.--

prices without mailing costs. up to 5 kg mailing costs will be 18.--

Michael Hortig



Original Bugatti poster.

It's about the Prescott Hillclimb, showing Stubberfield's Bugatti, poster is not dated, but must be from the 1950's.

Grigory, Belgium



Bugatti Magnum For sale.

English edition, very good condition. No. 1528

450 Euro

Anette CM Hald
2870 Dyssegaard
Cell phone +45 - 6168 8082
Office phone +45 - 3948 4224

"Bugatti Magnum" For sale.

Italian edition.


Bugatti books for sale, bibliography and reviews, for more information:

Jeroen Vossen
Tel.: +31 650 227 591

"Bugatti Magnum" For sale.

No. 0530 of 2000, Italian edition. Book is in very good condition.

Price 300 euro, excl postage. Payment through Paypal or IBAN. I can be reached for further info through bugattibuilder dot com


Dear Bugatti enthousiast,
I have available:
H. Conway, "Bugatti Magnum" in Italian language. Limited edition no. 530 (of 2000). Copy is in mint condition.

I would like to trade this book for the English version. We can work out details later.

Carissimo appassionato di Bugatti,
H. Conway, "Bugatti Magnum" in lingua italiana. Edizione limitata n.: 530 (di 2000). La copia è in perfette condizioni.

Vorrei scambiare questo libro con la versione in inglese. Per i dettagli ci possiamo risentire sucessivamente.

Herman Brouwer, E-mail

1. Bugatti dated 1948 by W.F.Bradley
2. Bugatti ,Thoroghbreds from Molsheim by Dumont 1975

Gary Wales

The Brescia Bugatti #69 Profile Publications.............................$ 15.00
The Type 35 Grand Prix Bugatti # 10 Profile Publications................ $ 10.00
Bugatti Catalog German text covers type 35- type 51 20 pages .. SOLD
The automobiles of Ettore Bugatti Molsheim Alsace 8 pgs .............. $ 25.00
Bugatti Thoroughbreds From Molsheim Pierre Dumont...................$150.00
English translation 1975
Bugatti Le pur-sang Des Automobiles H..G. Conway 1964 ...........SOLD
Bugatti, Roland Barker, First printing.............................................$ 20.00
The Bugatti Story W. Boddy ................................................... $ 30.00
My Two lives Race Driver to Restaurateur .. . $125.00 REDUCED TO $75.00
Rene Dreyfus with B.R. Kimes
Signed Letter from Rene Dreyfuss ..................$100.00 REDUCED TO $50.00
and Brochure from Le Chanteclair dated November 22, 1966 Ashtray from Rene Dreyfuss Restaurant Le Chanteclair................... $ 25.00
Bugatti Portfolio I By Jack Campbell 1963 in original envelope.........SOLD
with B&W prints Bugantics #33, no 1,2,3,4, #34 No.1,2,3,4 #35 #2...........................make offer

All prices plus shipping. All books and publications are in excellent condition and show no wear.

Contact :
Charles R Johnston Jr.
23-11-2003, updated 10-3-2004

[Languages: D - F - GB]		Prices in Euro

6 Bugatti Photoposters (45x31,5 cm) T 47/50/55/57/57SC/Royale
Photos by Peter Vann., PML Editions France                         (F)  30.-
Gerald A.Wingrove: The Complete Car Modeller 2, 1991/94,
(128 pages showing the make of 1932 Weinberger Royale from scratch)(GB) 50.-
William Stobbs:  Französische Traumautos der 30er Jahre
183 pages, (39 pages on Bugatti cars)                              (D)  35.-
Anthony John: „First Monaco Grand Prix 1929; signed b&w  print
showing 4 T35s with racing numbers 4,6,8,12                             20.-
Guide to the town of Molsheim (14 pages on the Bugatti family)     (D)   5.-

Other Bugatti items
Programm Intern. Bugatti Treffen Deutschland 1993 Ibbenbüren
(listing all participants with their cars)                         (D)  20.-
Programm GP Festival Ibbenbüren, 2001 (7Bugattis listed)           (D)  15.-
Phonecard 6.-DM, lim.ed .#312/500, featuring a T35, No.plate E-PP 818   20.-
Phonecard 12 DM, featuring L. Colanis EB“110“, 1992 and also unused     20.-
Magazine „Bugatti“ (Supplement to Classic &Sportscar) Motorfair Oct. 1987
about Bugattis and owners in England                               (GB) 15.-
Magazine „Auto-Forum2, #2, 2000, „Ettores Erbe“, 16 pages on EB 110 (D)  5.-
Magazine „Autofahrer“ Spezial, 3/1988, incl. 21 pages on Bugattis,
esp. all Royales                                                    (D) 15.-

Misc. I
D.B.Wise: Classics of the Road, 1978/ed.1981, 160pages
(Highlighting French, British & American cars)                     (GB) 25.-
Halwart Schrader: Automobil Faszination, 1982/ed.1986, 240 pages
(Meilensteine der Motorisierung von 1885 bis heute)                 (D) 25.-
J. Porazik: Rennwagen von 1895 bis 1965, 1988 (incl. 9 Bugattis)    (D) 10.-
Der Aufbruch in das mobile Jahrhundert, 1981
Automobilgeschichte in alten Anzeigen, 1984
2 Bibliophile Taschenbücher , zusammen                              (D) 15.-
Rothhändle Raritäten: Die Autoshow des Jahres: 1979 Düsseldorf      (D) 20.-
         “              “               “    : 1980 Köln            (D) 20.-
Guy R. Williams: Das große Buch der Modellautos -  international    (D) 30.-
Peter Roberts, any color so long as it´s black, 1976;  (the first 50 years
of automobile advertising)                                         (GB) 25.-
NSU Ro 80 „Auto des Jahres“, 2 oversize sales brochures with pictures
and techn. details: „Form“ and „Eigenschaften“  (D)     (each 35.-) together    60.-
VW Golf Betriebsanleitung (1975) and Serviceplan (7/)86             (D) 25.-
Magazine „Mercedes“ (5/95) (Mercedes-Benz AG)                       (D)  5.-
Magazine „Natur und Technik“ (1/1950) 
(Motor model racing cars / Opel Olympia 1950/ etc.) (slightly worn) (D) 20.-

Misc. II
F. Kräling, U. Upioetz (ed.): Silberpfeile, Rückkehr einer Legende,  o.J., 
107pages                                                            (D) 20.-
Franco Mazza: Rennwagen, Die schönsten Modelle v.d. Jahrhundertwende
bis heute,  Moewig 1991, deutsche Erstausgabe , 77 pages            (D) 15.-
Veedol Starparade, Autoshow der Superlative, 1982 (28 Supercars)    (D) 20.-
Stirling Moss, Doug Nye:  J.M. Fangio, Pirelli 1991, 168 pages      (D) 45.-
Christopher Hilton: Grand Prix Showdown,  F 1 from 1950 to 1992, 343 pages                                                                       (D) 24.-
Christopher Hilton: Jacques Villeneuve, 1996                        (D)  8.-
Ulrich Schwab: Grand Prix , 3 volumes: 1969, 1970, 1973 , price for 
each                                                                (D) 10.-

On Motorbikes
Massimo Clarke (ed.): 100 Jahre: Das gr. Buch des Motorrads, 1987   (D) 35.-
Volker Rauch: Motorrad GP 1990, 192 pages                           (D) 15.-
Friedemann Kirn, Motorrad WM 1990, 190 pages                        (D) 10.-
M. Scott & J. Cutts: High Speed, Die schnellsten Motorräder d. Welt, 
Xenos 1987,  127 pages                                              (D) 15.-
Vic Willoughby, Das Motorrad-Rennsportbuch, 1982,  221 pages        (D) 25.-
R.H.Nitschke/M. Barke: Kawasaki 1961 bis 1988, 174 pages            (D) 22.-
M. Woollett (ed.): Honda Motorräder, 1986, 174 pages                (D) 22.-
H. Niemann: Der Kniff mit dem Knie, 1990, 190 pages                 (D) 10.-
Paul Simsa (ed.): Ich baue mein Motorrad um, Planung, Bau, TÜV; 118 pages 
                                                                    (D) 15.-

Ingolf Lehniger, e-mail:
Bugatti Patents for sale

The full collection of 159 English patents, which you will find here, are sold in one lot for £16,000.

M.A. Stroh (bookseller)
Riverside House, Leaside Road,
London E5 9LU
Phone/fax 0208 806 3690
mobile: 0797 4413039

Bugatti Type 57 brochure , original sales brochure for the Type 57 Bugatti. 3 color foldout with two inserts illustrating different body styles. Excellent condition , $375

Original Bugatti Sign. Not a reproduction. Approximately 18-3/4" (47.6cm) x 11-3/4" (28.8cm), with edges turned down 90 degrees, about 1/2" (13mm). Tabs on corners for mounting on wall. Porcelain on steel. Marked: "EMAILLERE ALSACIENNE STRASBOURG" on lower right edge. The sign is in generally good condition; however, it is slightly bowed outward. Also, there light chipping of porcelain on the upper right corner. Additional minor chipping on center right edge, and very small chipping in several places along lower edge. $1000

I live in Salt Lake City, Ut, but would be happy to ship worldwide, and accept international bank wire transfers for payment.

Jim Muller,
Phone: 801-209-3443

Bugatti Literature collection:

I also have an original brass plaque with red enamel used on a Bugatti, which reads Carrosserie E. Bugatti Molsheim. This will only be sold with the entire collection, if a good price is paid.

In addition I have some items of less significance, such as a Burago model of an EB 110 and an empty wine bottle for Alsatian white wine, dating from 1991, with a Type 35 on the label.

Offers are invited.

Hermen Pol

Books for sale:
Bugatti - Thoroughbreds from Molsheim by P. Dumont 1975.  £ 165
Bugatti by H.G. Conway & Greilsamer £ 150 Bugatti - 'Le pur-sang des automobiles' by H.G.Conway 1979 3rd edition £ 55 Bugatti by Borgeson 1981 £ 45 Bugatti - Great Marques by H.G. Conway £ 10
Simon Ireland, E-mail:

Bugatti books wanted





    I am searching for "BRESCIA BUGATTI - COMPILATION OF TECHNICAL INFORMATION" by McGann, Peter D., published in Australia in 1974 or 1990.

    Simon Kirkpatrick

    Wanted poster: "The Bugatti Royales/ At Pebble Beach 1985/ The Summit Meeting".

    Sam Taormina , E-mail:

    Wanted: Grand Prix Bugatti, Hugh Conway
    And books on the Bugatti Brescia

    Joop Terpstra, E-mail: Joopt@TELEACNOT.NL

    This page exists since March 1, 2003

    Vive La Marque !!

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