Bugatti parts wanted

Bugatti parts wanted

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Service for secure transaction (Escrow)

In case you worry about the trustworthyness of the seller, or buyer, I offer a new service:

The price which the buyer and seller agree upon will be sent to me by the buyer, plus bank charges and a small fee for myself (5%). I will inform the seller once the money has been received, and the seller sends the part(s). When the buyer receives the part(s), I will send the money to the seller.

I do not accept any deputes about the quality of the item that is received by the buyer; the item is either what it is, or it is really different from what was advertised, and in that case the seller will send it back. No quarreling about discounts....

Parts are sometimes hard to get by, on this page you can put an ad for particular parts that you need for your project.

Those who have some surplus parts, can look here regularly, to see if there is somebody who needs them.

Every change in this page will be announced in the main Bugatti page.



T46 / T50 parts

I am looking for a T50-T46 corrugated pipe as per the picture.
It goes from the oil tank in the firewall to the rear of the engine.

Interested also in any other T50-T46 bits.

Please contact Philippe Jaillon



Steering wheel for GP I am nearing completion of restoration of my 37a and my original wheel is really beyond repair.

Who has an original GP steering wheel for my project?

Please contact Andrew M. Cannon, Australia


Urgently wanted for T101:

For Scintilla NBN8-dd distributor:
- The distributor cap
- Possibly a complete rotor

Please contact Lotte Knudsen


Water temperature gauge for T35B

To be either radiator or dashboard mounted

I do look for an instrument graduated in degrees C (not in F).

Ludo, e-mail:



The Bugatti Trust has been trying for some while to find a T57 wire wheel, a splined hub (front or rear), a wheel spinner (with the long ears that make these unique to T57) to suit the hub and a spun aluminium or steel wheel disc/cover as fitted to these cars - the painted and polished ring art dec style as fitted to many T57 and T57S.

The wheel will be mounted on it's own stand and be displayed at the Trust and hopefully compliment our existing wheels.

A new tyre and tube have already been donated so far - it would be very nice if the parts cost very little or be free.

David Morys, e-mail:



T30 or T38 crankcase ( original or replica )

T30 or T23 original chassis frame

Paul Hicks, e-mail:
0064 9 425 7015
New Zealand


Wanted – original GP gearbox and sump
I have quite some original Molsheim parts - e.g. genuine important GP and Brescia stuff - which I am ready to part with, if you can provide original GP gearbox or sump/lower crankcase.

I can also pay cash. I am ready to travel all over Europe with cash to get the right piece. Can collect from the rest of the World.

Please don’t contact me if you only want to buy stuff, it is NOT FOR SALE – ONLY EXCHANGE for above.

Please contact through the webmaster, mail:



Richard Simonsen, E-mail:



Bugatti You-You boat, with or without engine.

Or separate single-cylinder engine for the You-you (known as Type 75).

Also any info about the number of You-You boats and engines built is much appreciated.

Please contact through the webhost, E-mail:


Type 30 or Late Brescia gearbox wanted

This is to help get a T30 on the road, not for cutting down to make a mock GP gearbox.

Paul Hicks, phone: + 64 9 425 7015, New Zealand


Wanted: Cash waiting.

Please contact through the webhost, E-mail:



Marchal-Vaucanson light switch.

Olav Glasius E-mail:


Urgently needed:
Bugatti Chassis plate / ID plate

Jatin Arora, E-mail:


We hunt all original parts for bugatti model 35.

Email :


Original chassis 35B may be damaged against correct price.

Contact: J.Leyssens, 0032 475 253 791,


I´m looking for a carburettor for Bugatti Typ 35: Solex 35 MHD in complete and good working order;
My contact:


I'm looking for any T44 or T49 engine parts, or complete engine, for my complete T49 rolling chassis.

Any offer considered, possibility to swap with some small other original Bugatti parts.

Daniel Scherb, 06160 FRANCE


I'm looking for porcelain "art de table", which was produced by Artioli ca. in the year 2000 Manufactured by Limoges porcelain France.

Small and big plates, for soup or eating, cups, pots in the colors coral and blu royal, plus glasses etc. like the samples show.

Andrea Capra ,
0041 78 670 61 20


Wanted front brake kit and rear axle for 1919 original Bugatii T13 for China and Asia classic rally.

If you got any parts for 1919 Type 13, such as engine, gear box, rear axle, 1926 front axle with front brake, just e mail me.

Also: Does anybody have a Type 37? must be good condition for rally.



I am looking for engine T 30 or rest of engine or only original casting for crankcase for this type.

Jakub Stauch
00420 731244421


Wanted: :

Curved drop arm for an early bronze steering box for a brescia - fits inside the chassis...

Alternatively measurements / drawing as necessary ...

E-mail david stevenson :


I need the brass cap that goes on the back of the output end of a Type 40/44/49 transmission.

Gene Cesari, E-mail:


Parts wanted:

For Bebe Peugeot brass hubcap

For Bugatti brass hubcap



Wanted engine for a T-35 or T43.

Anything from a complete engine to an original sump or any other original engine parts.

George Davidson


We are looking to find 4pcs Brake-Drums and an Oil pump in any condition for our Bugatti T57 Project.

Horst Schultz


Dual spark Sintilla distributor (or parts) as fitted to the Type 40A twin plug Bugatti.

Please contact:

Chris Draper


I'm looking for the EB emblem off a 2007 Bugatti 16.4 Veyron

Robert Sharpe
E-mail: Sharpe


This is either an advertisement for Molsheim Parts Wanted or a cry for help.

The other day my car was run into by a utility truck which turned without indicating while I was overtaking at 80kph.

My matching number GP car now needs a Molsheim steering box and left hand side axle tube.
I have a steering box from 43169 and some Molsheim back axle parts available in exchange.

I am fortunately undamaged.

Bob King


Wanted: Type 57 engine crank case and sump, 2nd or 3 rd series, original part prefered.

Would also consider new parts or complete set of engine parts. Also looking for a T57 hand brake lever for late series.

Christian Schann, phone 0033674447459, mail


Needed for a friend's T37:

Molsheim sump (or sump and crankcase) with numbers. Type 40 also possible.

Please contact

Need four-blade fan for 1938 Bugatti T57 Letourneur & Marchand.

Please contact Ria at

Early Brescia gearbox (correct for a 1922 car)

Brakeless front axle for early Brescia

Please contact John Baldwin, email

We search a Type 57 3.3 Litre engine.

Christian Sievers

Phone 0049 4642 921277, E-mail:


I am looking for a type 57C compressor plus driving shaft.

Xavier Feidt



Wanted radiator cap

For 2nd series Type 57.

Andrea Capra

E-mail: , Phone: 0041 78 670 61 20


Wanted radiator cap

As in the picture, for use with the thermometer which is already present.

Hans van der Blom


I am in need of a carburetor, I would be interested in a Zenith 42T and/or a 42 UY3 Carburetor.

I am also interested to find an original Grand Prix T37/T35 Bugatti Tail section, a grand prix steering box, and a 4 cylinder magneto ("Bosch FH 8/4").

If anyone has these for sale, please email or call me.
Andrew Larson, e-mail:


I am looking for 19 inch by 710 beaded edge wheels with 42mm Rudge Whitworth hubs for my Brescia.

Alternatively, I would be interested in Rudge Whitworth hubs drilled for 28 outer spokes and 42 inner, without rims. In both cases the splines should be in good condition.

Chris Warman, e-mail:


I am looking for two front spring hangers for a type 13 Brescia Bugatti.




Wanted: Type 57 engine plus Carte Grise


Original grand prix differential case and front axle.


Looking for parts for Magneto: Bosch FH8

rotor, distributorcap, contactpoints, maybe even a complete magneto. Contact: Erwin Beerens
E-mail: , tel : 0032475661822


T57 wheels used or new, can be rough, using for shop rollers
Also looking for top of T57 transmission, including shift lever, and rear axle trumpets.

HN Bukowski,



Type 49 radiator in very good condition.

Contact: E. JACQMARD, e-mail:


Wanted original sump and cam box from T-35 or 43 or entire engine. George Davidson

E-mail: or call 1-502-296-9502.


Wanted for T44

looking for parts for a Type 44 (44733):
complete linkages for gearbox, brake parts and linkages.
Pedals and clutch pedal shafts etc.

Please contact :

Aniruddh Kasliwal, India


Wanted fenders to complete my Lavocat - Marsaud (replica) Bugatti 23-40 body.

See the picture on the right as an example.

Thierry Baele



Type 30 Bugatti parts wanted.

In particular a front axle, a rear axle (any Bugatti rear axle will be fine) and a radiator.

If you have any of these parts or any other parts you think might be useful to me please contact me.

John Baldwin, telephone +44 1379 897206.


Marchal ignition and light switch for type 40

R.Scholtens, the Netherlands

0031 6 28844566


Marchal Contact and Lighting switches.

Marchal Vauvanson switches as used on the Bugatti T44

Johan van Nimwegen


Zenith 48K carburettor wanted.

Original or good replica.

Eduardo Salzman



Vive La Marque !!

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